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Australia captain Tim Pain, hinting at retirement, says 'I know what I want to do' – cricket

Australia's Tim Pain has said the upcoming Test series against Pakistan and New Zealand may be the last time he gets his side home as he embarks on his twilight career.

Paine, who turns 35 next month, was named captain after former skier Steve Smith was given a one-year ban in March 2018 for striking balls and knitting became the first Australian skipper since Steve Woo to retain Ash.

Smith's explosive return to the test site, which scored 774 ashes in the ashes, prompted calls to return him as captain, and Paine said talks about who would eventually take over the debt should have taken place, especially given his age.

"Maybe (last summer), I'm not too sure," Pain told reporters. "But I enjoy doing it. I feel good physically (s) mentally. So as it goes on, I get enough stuff and keep good enough, then I'd like to keep going.

"I know when you reach my age, that can change really quickly. I'm really looking forward to this summer, I haven't looked too far over it. I know what I want to work for and what I want to achieve.

"I think when you are an Australian captain and an Australian guard, they are two of the most criticized roles in Australian sport and at the moment I have to hold both. I know I'll be in the booths all the time. "

Payne said Australia's top priority now is to return to the top of the ranking test and win the World Test Championship (WTC). Australia ranks fifth in the world and leaders in track India with 244 points in the WC.

"Our goal is to get back to number one and we want to win that test championship," he added. "To do that, we have to be good enough to win in India and we have to be good enough to defeat everyone, everywhere.

"This is the only way we get to where we want to get. It's an exciting time and I'm looking forward to being a part of it and there is no end point at the moment. "

Australia plays Pakistan in the first of two tests starting Thursday in Brisbane.

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