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Australia builds battle-hardened, mature team for India 2022 tour: Justin Justin Langner – cricket

It's still a good two years, but Australia coach Justin Justin Langer says he has begun building a struggling and mature squad that can challenge the dreaded home India in the 2022 Test series.

Langer, who took over as Australia's head coach in May 2018, shortly after the South African ball-struck episode, has closely encouraged India to dominate at home in the longest format with the goal in mind – to have a mature enough squad to fight world No. .1 Test Team.

Cochle's men recorded a record 11th win in a home trophy series when they defeated South Africa last month at home.

"It reminds me how hard it is, that's for sure," Langer told ESPNcricinfo.

"It has always been difficult to beat India. But that is an expectation and we have a few more years to find that maturity. I'm talking, to be nice and battle-hardened and ready for that series, "he said.

The 2022 series between rivals will take place between September and November and will cover four tests and three international T20 internationals under the current travel program. Langer spoke of the ultimate goal of beating India in India when he was appointed coach of Australia.

"If I go ahead, the Indian tour against India, the three-or four-year tour, for me that's the ultimate. Ourselves will not be judged as a great cricket team if we beat India in India, "he said.

As the 48-year-old took office, Australia has experienced inconsistent flow. They lost their home series in India before defeating Sri Lanka but almost managed to keep Ash as they drafted a England debut earlier this year.

"I think it was an indication of the maturity of our team. I'm not thinking about adulthood, but to come together as a group, it takes a great deal of skill, but it takes time, a great deal of mental stamina and stamina to be able to bring it back again and again, "he said.

"When you go through it, you would like to see more of that consistency, but I see it from a larger picture standpoint, it means we have areas where we can improve."

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