Tuesday , September 22 2020

Amethi DM banned after clip of Him improperly dealing with slain son of slain BHP leader goes viral


For luck: Amethi's district magistrate, Pashant Sharma, was fired Thursday and put on a waiting list, a day after a video clip showing him managing a horrific cousin of the BJP leader's son appeared viral on social media.

As requested by family members of the deceased, DM on Wednesday visited the house after his death, where the body of Sonu Singh, 35, who was killed by gunmen, was brought. In the clip, DM is seen dragging the cousin of the deceased, older APA officer, Sunil Singh.

Sonu Singh owned a brick kiln, and his father Shivaynak Singh is a senior leader of the governing party Baharya Shana (BJP) in the district.

In the clip, the DM allegedly heard from members of Sonu Singh's family that there is no state in the world where homicides do not occur and the administration is not a god that can prevent crime incidents.

"What would you do when you were in our place? Would you stop killing?" he hears the audience ask, and when Sunil Singh points out that the Dial 100 police team is nearby and could have prevented the incident by acting in a timely manner, DM is seen almost pulling him by holding the t-shirt and asking if he can do if anyone in the crowd has a gun.

When people gathered there opposed his behavior, DM is also seen as scolding them. Telling them that he is the oldest officer in the county, Sharma is heard talking about his problems and the sensitive times in which he and his officers worked round the clock.

The matter escalated when Ameti's envoy, Khrami Iran, grasped the issue and drew attention to the local DM. On Wednesday night, she wrote on Twitter: "We should always strive to be calm and sensitive. We are public servants, not their rulers @DmAmethi. "

The video was circulated in the administrative and media circles by Sharma herself, who had previously been in the news about alleged misconduct with a high court judge.

On Tuesday night, Sonu Singh was shot dead in the village of Bisundaspor, within the boundaries of Gaurigan Kotwali police station.

Sources said that two men, identified as Chandrashekhar and Arpt, were involved in an old-fashioned dispute as nearby Sonu Singh tried to intervene. However, he was reportedly shot dead by Chandrashekhar and later taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His family has identified five people from Gaurigany, all with criminal records, for alleged involvement in the incident.

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