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WTCR: Guerrieri won the last race, Tarquini is the champion!

As in the first race, he failed to change Rob Huff in the pole position during the WTCR World Cup weekend. The victory eventually changed in Estebana Guerrieri before Huff, Norbert Michelisz took third place on the podium and finished the season in fourth place. The championship title became team-mate Gabriele Tarquini. Zsolt Szabó, on the last lap of the race, crashed the car hard.

The title of Tarquini finishes with the first season of WTCR (photo: WTCR)

There is a second race in Macau, but that's how it was Norbert Michelisz was one of the suffering – The Hungarian driver, Hyundai, was seriously injured in the aftermath of the accident. His teammate, champion of point hunters Gabriele Tarquini needed better final competition, the advantage was significantly reduced in points in the first two races of the season.

In the third race Rob Huff could start from pole position, after the "king of Macau" he won the first and then the second qualification. The start – just like the first race – did not match Huff with him Esteban Guerrieri was able to go. Starting from the third place Michelisz lost his position Against Jean-Karl Vernay.

But Tarquini had a strong start, and at the end of the first lap, five positions were added to the ninth place. Rival, Yvan Muller was fifth, i.e. at the beginning of the race, the Italians were better off with point hunting.

Naturally, this start did not happen without a collision. For example, the car of Mehdi Bennani is so badly damaged, that he must give up the race at the end of the first round.

Drivers on the lead were very close together in the first round and it seemed: Huff did not rest just like in the first race, he missed the finish line after the start he attacked the leading Guerrier.

In the third round The Aurélien Panis car was broken, why he had to be sent to the field safety car. The limit was two rounds, so the range of competition increased from 11 to 13.

The restart was good for the front, but there was no change in position. Michelisz's task was: to help Tarquin keep Muller behind him, and he has succeeded for now. A similar strategy worked a bit backwards. Björk was in the sixth round before Tarquin, reaching the ninth place, he had to deal with the Muller championship.

In the eighth round, Huff attacked Guerrier harder than before, but he failed. Two laps before the end Vernay made a mistake – He interrupted the sound of rubber, and as it ended with the French race, Michelis entered the podium. In the next round Zsolt Szabó broke his car very badly, why the safety car had to be sent back to the field and the field had to be sent so he finally fired.

Guerrieri won the last race of the season, Huff and Michelisz could still stand on the podium. Muller became fourth, but because Tarquini finished in tenth place, The 56-year-old Italian won the first championship in the World Cup.

The race starts at the end of the cube A pair of Zengő Motorsport the fight against free pilots would end its strongest race over the weekend if Szabo did not have an accident. Norbert Nagy on position 20 he saw the checkered flag, which is the most valued position that one of the Hungarian stallers achieved during the season's closure.

With strong endurance Michelisz takes fourth place in point hunting ended the season, Grand 24, and Szabó in 29th place. Only Nagy Dániel from the weekend at Hungaroring is on the list – the freeroll is 20.

Among producers Hyundai ended the season with the strongest, and the championship team is this one Yvan Muller Racing It was.

The first season of WTCR has ended but what exactly awaits the series after that is not known yet. There are many other question marks, so everything takes time.


1. Esteban Guerrieri (Argentine, Honda)
2. Rob Huff (UK, Volkswagen)
3. Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian, Hyundai)
4. Yvan Muller (French, Hyundai)
5. Yann Ehrlacher (French, Honda)

20. Norbert Nagy (Hungarian, Cupra)

22. Zsolt Szabó (Hungarian, Cupra)

The final result of vk after 30 races: 1. Gabriele Tarquini (Italian, Hyundai) 306 points, 2. Muller (French, Hyundai) 303, 3. Guerrieri (Argentine, Honda) 267, 4. Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian, Hyundai) 246, 5. Vernay (Belgian, Audi) 245, 6. Oriola (Spanish, Cupra) 245, 7. Björk (Swedish, Hyundai) 242 … 20. Big D. (Hungarian, Hyundai) 36, … 24. Great N. (Węgierski, Cupra) 18, … 29. Szabó Zs. (Węgierski, Cupra) 4

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