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What a devilishly horrible voice without a footballer, David Beckham

The Tottenham team started this season of the English football championship with a great start. Under Mourinho’s coach, Son Heung Min developed a squad, with nine talents on the English Premier League list and the best Premier League football match ever played. But how does someone from green earth become one of the hotspots, Beckham from East Asia?

Tottenham started the English Premier League this season. Tz spins over only once suffered defeat. It was very difficult to meet in December (Arsenal, Liverpool, Leicester, Wolverhampton) for Osos Mourinho, whose two most important players, he also earned sixteen passes between Harry Kane and Son Hung Min. The record addition of Thierry Henry and Kevin De Bruyne (20) can be achieved this season, the last nine tracks can be used for Glickrley beans, and the best football match in the Premier League can be used to make a difference. Tvol-east.

The 28-year-old South Korean performance could soon be extended with the Tottenham team this yearForce: AFP / Michael Reagan

Many clubs in the English league have also played Mr. early players in previous seasons, including Ki Suzung Yueng (Newcastle), Lee Chung Hong (Crystal Palace) or I Jongfyo (Tottenham). Under Korean law, the biggest name is Manchester United headquarters in Parki-sung Park, which has been under the control of Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United for one season.

During the coaching session of Ossos Heur Minh, Osos Mourinho developed a squad that is better highlighted than the nine goals scored so far. Arsenal have played a total of 10 league games so far – this compares to the combined performance of the Korean player. The Korean footballer turns into a brilliant player at the age of twenty-eight.

Son never scored less than 18 million in all of Tottenham Hotspur’s all-time series. However, the London club did not always have such a situation, st.

After his half-happy season in 2015/2016, Son was about to leave the club, wanting to return to the Bundesliga, where he previously played for Hamburg and Bayer Leverkusen.

In August 2011, Hamburg struggled with the ball with Arjen Robben in the match against Bayern MunichForce: AFP / Christoph Stache

The player with difficulties in integration accepted the challenge and soon became one of Pochettino’s leading players. For example, how can an elite tamdv in London get the wrong wind?

Initial difficulties in London

An Athletic article mentions that the former Argentine manager of Tottenham, In 2013, Mr. Mauricio Pochettino wanted to prove his point to the Southampton coach. The young player left the Hamburg team at this time in the popular Bayer Leverkusen, and during two seasons became a better player in the Bundesliga. He moved to the areas with lightning speed and at that time was considered one who could easily stifle the fight of any team.

Son pp will leave the Argentine defense of Manchester City in January 2017. Your rank was unstoppableForce: AFP / Ollie Scharf

Arsenal was one of the clubs that constantly followed the Koreans, while Tottenham was the team that paid 22 million euros to the player in August 2015. He often played retired roles in the Gigisergiri team.

Besides the Spurs coach, I liked the movement of young football without the ball. He maintained the rhythms in the defense with a great rhythm, which was the main strength of the game. No. was not physically at the top, but the rhythm and quality of movement between the lines was unique.

He arrived in London from the Bundesliga

Mg was only 23 when he scored 29 GPT in 87 games for Leverkusen. In the colors of Hamburg and Leverkusen, Son recorded a total of 41 thighs at this stage in the Bundesliga. He spent a season on the pitch with former Dutch Tottenham player Rafael van der Vaart talking about it: He was like a little boy, after childhood he left his childhood. On the other hand, I realized that good things can come out of both players, we can win matches, and they did. He became so good because he played with me said the former gossip joker jokingly.

A dream started with encouragement from the London unit, but he had to miss more than a month due to a leg and mouth strain, which somehow took off. He played a dozen notes that did not make him: he walked forty times a season but scored only eight, of which only four in the league. Integration was difficult for the city and beyond. In the first three matches of the 2016/2017 season, he was not even in the London team.

Son had a hard time integrating into the Tottenham teamForce: AFP / Ian Kington

It is becoming more and more conceivable for him to return to the Bundesliga. Fortunately, the contract could not be terminated, and since the South Korean interlocutor had no sign during the September break, Son spent the next few weeks at the training center in Tottenham. The player worked hard, accepting Pochettino’s previous dance so as not to think about shelter and try to deal with more difficult situations.

The young Korean graduated as a senior coach during the protest, and the Argentine manager called the player against Stoke City. Scored twice, the Spurs won 4-0 away. The Tottenham team started working on the development of players to make the most of their skills on the lawn. In addition to speed, the lynx also had the advantage of beating the ball with both feet.

The Korean player finds rhymes in defense with outstanding rhythmic featuresForce: AFP / Paul Ellis

Attempts were made to improve the explosiveness and its endings, and he and Harry Kane learned many life techniques.
Not only did he work hard on the finishes, but he also tried to find the most perfect rhythm on both sides of the layer depending on the direction and angle at which the ball comes and how it can be found. said David Webb, then a member of the Spurs player monitoring team.

Miracle Ktlbas

According to former Leverkusen coach Roger Schmidt His excellent technique is due to the fact that he did a lot of extra training with his father. After training with the German team, they stayed there to practice left and right kicks. The father of the Spurs player, Son Wong 28, left the footballer in the kidneys at one location.

Heung Min Son did a lot of special exercises with his father. At least one such powerful task was to keep the ball in the air for a few minutes, and if it fell, the ball would restart. The father only allowed shooting exercises after he learned to do a trick and take the ball correctly. This has had the same effect since the 2015 debut season he did not have a player in the Premier League who would score more goals or give more with a weaker leg.

Son in December 2017 always includes Dele Ali, Eriksen and Eric Lamela, in line with Tottenham Hotspur. Then it became harder not to miss it from the beginning.

Harry Kane was in the middle of the role in the championship, Son helped the Spurs in the 2018/2019 season, until the Champions League, and several times the idea arose that the London team would only spend the excellent skills of the Korean tamad.

Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min have scored sixteen times so farForce: AFP / Andrew Buyers

Opinions are divided on whether Son Europa belongs to the elite. This is because the biggest clubs have never tried to certify. There have been times in this playoffs when it does not work evenly, and this can not be allowed by the country’s profit centers, such as Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. It is also a question of whether he will be able to give up the burden of, say, a 30-day-old player in Barcelona.

In England, after the initial qualification, the Korean player became one of the most important people in the fire. He won everyone at the club for his energy and humor. Despite his movements and movements, few know it A dream often sounds awful at a training center in Tottenham. This is also what teammates often joke about.

Son Heung Min played a level of training under Jose MourinhoForce: AFP / Michael Reagan

We consider it a help, success has not changed it, although Dsk-Koreban hsknt is respected. In a specialized apartment in London with his parents, he always pays attention to questions about Corebl’s arrivals, who traveled specifically to England. Szon klnsen jban van Dele Allival, Moussa Sisokkval s Hugo Lorissal. The latter may be strange, as there was recently a serious incident in one of the signs that was finally resolved.

Sean is not looking for a company based on coaches and grades. it was always a shame. However, he found the place, Tottenham is the right club for him, everyone wants t Said Raphael Van der Vaart.

From the side of transfermarkt, the current market value of Son is 75 million eurosForce: AFP / Astin Talis

In addition to the market value of the game, advertising capital is also heavily inflated. So last month, he joined the sports management of the world-famous Hollywood team, CAA Base. Many of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Golden Balls are among CAA clients. When it turned out that Son was looking for an ad-related business management ad, all the big tricks got in the way. There are many commercial opportunities before a footballer in a top team championship. Everyone wanted to get in touch with the South Korean player, as they are known as “David Beckham of East Asia”.

In South Korea, they are considered an icon, so we consider him one of the best footballers in the world. Prior to his confirmation to Tottenham, there was a case with Leverkusen that Before the season, a South Korean train gathered 30,000 people at the entry point to see Son. “Our national hero, who could not be bigger than that,” said the South Korean jsgr.

The national heat is also due to the fact that Spurs’ spurs were not completely blown away by the wind.

The football player completed his compulsory military service, where he received an excellent ratingForce: AFP / Material

in prilis he had to return to south korea to attend basic army training for three weeks. The army performed compulsory military service, where it received an excellent rating (100 points) in the mental power of the army, including lvsz practice (10/10). He took first place among 157 young boys.

Thanks to this year’s performance in 28 South Korea, he will soon be able to extend his contract with the Tottenham team and be among the best-looking players (Kane, Ndombele, Bale) in the salary rankings. Of course, there is a lot to be said for the player, and the champion will also have a performance for Tottenham in December. Sontl will surely expect a “bow” in the rankings in London against Arsenal in the cold.

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