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Watch Dogs Legion test | Game channel

The rapidly digitizing world is, in my humble opinion, an extremely daunting task, despite all its positive effects. Of course, comfort is a great master; Thanks to virtual data processing, we no longer have to store millions of documents and paper, just a phone, a password, and then print (and even that). Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly (supposedly). However, in this way, it is enough for a malicious hacker to break a database with one key to be able to learn everything that is important to us and sell it to someone.

A variant of this “ideal” world was brought to us by the Watch Dogs series, whose new part, Legion Dogs Legion, will be exhibited today. Although the new episode that takes place in London is related to the predecessors through well-known organizations and events, it does not oblige the player to blow up the contents of the predecessors from outside. At the heart of the story the London branch of an already well-known hacking team called DedSec there is one that, surprisingly, aims to make life impossible for repressive, corrupt state-level organizations and mafia groups while trying to unravel a mysterious person or association, Zero Day.

Throughout the game, we will control the “agents” of DedSec whose recruitment, which has already gained surprising depth, is worth adventurous. We can try to recruit any resident of London with DedSec, however, no one will connect immediately. Every character, even the last homeless man, has his own opinion of our team, and if they do not see it in a good light, they are rejected. Fortunately, the artificial intelligence that helps us, fiercely entertaining Bagley, in addition to pushing the speeches better than the real ones for a thousand, helps to nominate people who would surely join our organization, but they will not line up right away.

Shocking charges are just deadly to machines.

Shocking charges are just deadly to machines.

They must first meet the requirement. Whether it is an easy thread or a personal wish, we need to prove our worth and that DedSec helps everyone; only after the completion of the mission will we be elected to stand up for our people. This procedure, in addition to making the game extremely colorful, is also necessary, as during the narration more than once we will need a specialized agent.

It is essential to have a doctor or police officer or lawyer on our team to get injured or incarcerated people out faster, but it is not bad to have an architect, as they can even take a cargo drone out of their “pockets”. If we turn on the “Permadeat” option at the beginning of the game, we can also lose agents who had too many balls (instead of a hospital), so it is best to think twice about who we will do for each mission. It is growing You can switch between hull members at any time, provided we are in a safe environment (ergo not enemy territory), thanks to which we can quickly catch the agent with the best bonuses for the given mission.

David expresses his displeasure with the left-walled model drone with a hunting rifle.

David expresses his displeasure with the left-walled model drone with a hunting rifle.

In addition to these, there is a “Tech” tree from which we can download upgrades, provided we have enough Tech hotspots to gain access to new weapons, better drones, general upgrades and other accessories. Gadgets that give such points to Tech can be found hidden all over the city, but fortunately these are far from the only things that can be lost on the streets of London.

We can collect documents and audio materials that provide a deeper insight into the situation in the city, the intrigues of criminal organizations and the shortcomings of the state leadership. We can find a variety of mysterious relics, maskable masks, graffiti surfaces, where we can decorate DedSec image ads to our liking. In addition, there are region-specific tasks that weaken repression in a given sector, enriching them with a special agent and a unique mission and making the locations of Tech-point gadgets in the area visible.

Of course, the party is not over when we get tired of collecting, because, among other things, we can cut ourselves as a parcel shipper, a football player or a cage fighter, if we manage to do that. These are relatively easy mini-games in which we can earn various prizes (money, clothes, etc.), although these should not be underestimated; the decade may seem monotonous, where five buttons need to be pressed at a good pace, but they can very easily get confused and spoiled. None of this series of challenges is mandatory, but it is good to relax sometimes after a stronger search.

I got this move in The Matrix.  Also for my latex coat.

I got this move in The Matrix. Also for my latex coat.

In addition to the mission chain that leads the mission, we also receive side quests that, in addition to additional rewards, also provide insight into the deep-rooted system that envelops the city. In addition, there are already mentioned employment missions, so one thing is for sure: will tie the game for a very long time, believing that although some of the collectibles are hidden in a very sinister way, the quests can not be solved by “recording everything” (even if I got it wrong several times by mistake), especially in the “Permadeat” mode . Planning such tasks takes time, but it is not at all confusing, in fact, so close that we do not even notice when the clock strikes midnight, although it seemed that we were sitting in front of the plane for only an hour … somewhere in the morning.

One of the main causes of addiction already well-known mission structure from its predecessors. When you arrive at a field full of malicious characters, it is worth exploring first. Let’s start by hacking the cameras to identify the guards and civilians through them and measure the terminals that open the different doors, as well as the nameplate that contains the passwords. If the camera is close enough, we can download the codes, and even if the mission is to extract information from a source such as a laptop, this can be done by downloading through cameras (provided the target machine is close to the monitor. for space).

There is no royal cargo drone in the game.

There is no more royal vehicle in the game than cargo drones.

Sometimes it is a little, unfortunately, so at all times we can also deploy spiders or flying drones, but if these notice the guards, in addition to being shot, they also begin to inspect the terrain in search of us. We can blow up cars, generators, explosive structures, everything that has software, and turn them to our advantage, creating deadly traps. But if that is not enough, we can start commanding, sniffing the guards from roof to roof, astonishing them from behind, but if we are strong, we can pull the whole guard on the spot by shooting. If we survive the fire fight, we can safely get out of the place, but still not so elegant, to face.

Especially since the villains do not hesitate to deploy drones against us, from smaller fours to massive security drones. When a sample of the latter finds us and we do not have grenade launchers or disturbing drone technology, we must run, because those monsters will be difficult to get off with firearms, even shocking ammunition. In such cases, the hacker specialist agent is good, as he can turn his own drones towards the guards, but he can even take full control of them. Another option is real clothes; if we stretch in the clothes of the local guards, then somehow we can mix on the spot, but we can easily fall if a bad boy gets close even to meters. Fortunately, telephone distraction is a great solution for this as well.

Yes, that's the inside of the computer we're mounting with a microdron ... uh.

Yes, that’s the inside of the computer we’re mounting with a microdron … uh.

If it had not been obvious by now, I would now point out that we are dealing with an exemplary well-assembled system, whose only weakness is artificial intelligence, ironically, and the small errors that arise. Guards can get stuck in doors if we lock them in, environmental objects can also stand in their way permanently, and even during fights, they have run here and there without a head. They do not appear on an unauthorized cargo drone over the plot, and the state of readiness calms down even when the party building is full of spotted unconscious bodies. However, all this is only minimal abdominal pain, which does not affect the value of enjoying the game.

The presentation is quite pleasant; just watch the video he made for his song Stormzy Rainfall using the game engine. Although the beautiful appearance is disturbed in some places by strange anomalies, the light effects were really terribly made; works on Ray-Tracing illegally. However, this is not necessarily obvious, as there is a galaxy slider that controls sharpness. We need to set this up well, because we get a washed image on one edge and an incredibly sharp image on the other. Here and there, where there were too many effects at once, I experienced a drop in FPS, so the RTX 2060 Super was certainly not enough for a perfect gaming experience; here you will need 11 gigs of the Ti variant.

Better agents have up to four specifications.  they can also bloom.

Better agents have up to four specifications. they can also bloom.

The sounds and music bring the depressing, rain-soaked atmosphere of London closer together. We meet a lot of accents, reflecting the colorful population of the British capital, and I came across a sync only once or twice where the actor drove his lines in half-sleep. Let’s say I can understand this half, because there is a lot of lyrics in the game, even on the radio I listen to interviews, recommendations rather than music. While it is true, I did not overdo the use of vehicles, so I did not have much offensive luck with the forgotten classics and distorted music of modern times.

This is because it is packed with “Fast Travel” points in London that can be moved by clicking on a map on one side vehicle control left something to be desired. They also spin too fast, in too much of a turn, so it is extremely macro to maneuver with them. Just the icing on the cake was hard to get used to the British transport system. I would rather travel by freight drone if I could; slower, though, but at least I could fly anywhere freely.

“Quid pro Cash”? Favorite for money? What a degenerate ad.

The multiplication option was postponed to December, so I was not able to test it, but so sure we will have an experience similar to the solo game mode, but with a new story. GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 will work online; the basic system remains (except for recruiting, missions disappear from there), with a fresh side dish. We can get together with up to four of our friends to start a new story that, while related to your campaign, will also stand on its own two feet. The creators show in an extremely entertaining video what it all looks like in practice.

Watch Dogs Legion brings what we wanted from our predecessors, but fortunately it did not go that far. Again, a game that I would push in the sun if I were a student and had it all day, although nowadays a student prefers to grab his phone because he can not take a computer or console with him anywhere (they can fit into a classic party for LAN, Nokia Decade). However, if the future of the Watch Dogs universe was our destiny, would I now potentially criticize first-generation DedSecs? Hmmm … I have a phone too … protruding; is he wearing Candy Crush … what is it like to get out of the room?

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