Saturday , February 29 2020
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Versopany, Albon, Gasley and Quiat are also to be punished

Honda's spec 4, however, debuted at the Belgium Grand Prix in Toro Rossi by Daniel Huijat, who was later Alexander Alexander, Max Versatile and Pierre Gasley also got it. However, Honda has just announced that all four of its riders will receive a new resource for the Russian Grand Prix. This gives them a low-mileage engine for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix.

The reason for the change is the tactic of having resources available for the rest of the race that can be exchanged without penalty. Verstappen, Albon and Gasley received a 5-point start-up penalty in Sochi because they replace only one internal combustion engine. The situation is different for Kwiat, as Honda has decided to replace all the elements of the engine package so that the Russian will be at the end of the weekend race.

Honda's reliability was good this season, but its aggressive development program required additional engines compared to its competitors. The Versailles will be the fifth such combustion engine this year, while the Mercedes and Ferrari will have only three units. Kwiat and Gasley continue with the sixth and seventh engines, though the picture is slightly distorted by further changes earlier this year.

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