Wednesday , August 4 2021

Velvet – Gumikukor – Greeks Zita and Kaidi Chaba do not remember what they lost 18 years ago

Zita Greek and Caba Kaidi, who recently released the Viasat 3 Mind Breakers. they were on the show at the same time, posting a photo of themselves on their Insta page, announcing that after a few years they had finally reconciled with each other. The Greeks have now told Blik that they gathered 18 years ago.

Spoiler: They don’t even remember that.

Greek first told the newspaper that he and his family had contracted the coronavirus and that until he could smell it, he burned everything there. They were then asked what they had fought with Cide for nearly two decades. The model began with an explanation: he said that they did not quarrel, they just moved away from each other. But he did not explain exactly why.

When I had to return from New York after the US terrorist attack in 2001, I did not know how much time I spent in Budapest, I did not take off my footwear. We lived together for several months, but as usual, two bagpipers did not fit in the inn.

Then, when they came across an event, they allowed themselves a maximum of one greeting, but it also happened that they did not appreciate the other shadow either. According to the Greek, at the age of twenty, one is offended by things that would not even appear to him later, or, as in this case, that he does not even remember later.

A few weeks ago we filmed together again and tried to remember what we lost. In addition to not realizing it, we consider the present and the good memories that connect us to be much more important.

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