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This year’s Tank World Halloween event begins with tank monsters


The world of tanks

Wargaming collaborated with Silent Hill composer and designer of his monsters.

27.10.2020 22:22 | Dino | Category: Game

This year did not lag behind The world of tanks games event for Halloween. This time, Wargaming invited Silent Hill Games artistic director and monster designer Masahiro Ito, as well as the series’ composer, Akira Jamaoka.

The theme of this year’s PvE Collaborative Event is a failed science experiment: we need to uncover the secrets of the peaceful city of Mirny-13, fighting off the armor of a mysterious force. This year’s event has a special path, where cooperation will play a very important role. We have to fight four worlds with our team of five, controlling the special Tier IX tanks. The “World of Tanks” event runs until November 9th.

In addition, in the console World of Tanks, we can find additional tanks for Halloween.

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The world of tanks
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The world of tanks

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