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The Serbs were outraged by a Danish expert, Lekic

The Hungarian women’s handball team will continue its performance against Serbia, which won the feat on Saturday, at the European Championship in Denmark (starting: 16.00, TV: Sport1, live on NSO). The Serbs, who were also our rivals in qualifying for the Olympics, also fought for the injured Andrea Lekic against the Dutch, but the opinion of a Danish TV expert also strengthened their team.


The station Krpez-Sleжаak also stopped (Photo: Collective of pictures)

The Serbs were able to nominate only 14 players for a World Cup match against the Dutch, postponed to Saturday due to coronavirus infections, plus in the first half. Andrea Lekikset also lost. For the classic commander, the federal captain, Jubomir Obradovic he gave so much information after the match that there is probably a partial rupture of the Achilles tendon, but an accurate diagnosis can only be made after a weekly examination.

“In the last few years, there have been very serious injuries among the top handball players. We do not know exactly what the problem is, it is related to training or load, but something needs to be done. “This has been added with exclusions due to the coronavirus epidemic this year, but I hope we do not see any more serious injuries on Eb.” Obradovic remarked at the press conference.

“We had to face a lot of problems already in Serbia, and then in Denmark, and then we lost Lekic, so my team is very proud that it reacted to this situation and defeated the world champion. – said the Serbian federal captain, who was joined by the former player Katarina Krpez-Slezak e

“Every player is important to us, it was hard to see that Andrea was injured and in pain. We fought for her and the other missing The great right-winger said, adding that it was not easy for them to enter the field after they could not leave their premises for two days.

The Serbs switched to attack with seven players on the field in the second half (which proved to be a winning tactic), in which Krpez also played a leading role: “We played this tactic a lot already at the World Cup last year. Now, we only deployed in the second half, so our opponent could not react to that during the break. “Although there is only one station left within, our team captain solved his task without any problems.” Obradovic pointed to Krpez sitting next to him.

Ours must also be prepared for this Serbian offensive tactic and the disruption used in defense. Perhaps it is an advantage that the Serbs have only 18 hours left until the clash on Sunday afternoon.

“Last year we went the same way in Japan, we played a good match with the Norwegians, and then sixteen hours later we had to go back on the field and perform poorly against the Dutch. Obradovic answered the question of the National Sports. – We Serbs love to celebrate victories one day, but we also mourn one day after the defeats. Regardless of this, we will give everything against the Hungarians, we want to take four points with us in the semifinals. This match will also be important due to the qualifications for the Olympic Games in March. I was not surprised by the defeat of the Hungarians by the Croats, The Croats defended well. Last year in South Korea, we defended similarly against the Hungarians and caused them a lot of headaches.

The Serbs were also taken by Danish TV expert Bent Najgard, who believed that our southern neighbor, who also had a positive pattern in the hotel team, should be sent home to prevent the spread of the infection.

“To be honest, I was very angry and frustrated He reacted in front of the Danish microphone TV2 Kristina Lisevic. – I know that many people think that Serbs are fraudsters and do bad things. But Serbs would never be distracted to betray when it comes to health. Second, I would like to thank Bent for giving us great motivation for the match against the Dutch. If someone misrepresents our country, we give everything to prove that it is wrong and we are not what people believe in us. “We are normal people who love handball and want to best represent their country.”

It was not clear to Lisevic why they did not speak out against the Romanians who also came to Denmark and also took a positive test. “We also have the right to stay in the tournament. We did a lot of tests on me, I personally have five negative tests in a row. Why shouldn’t I have the right to play? “

Sombatehe goalkeeper Katarina Tomasevic, Vac left wing Sanja Radosavljevic and Snja Radosavljevic In addition, six have previously appeared in the Hungarian NB I, so the two teams know each other quite well. At the betting match, we have not yet reached the southern Slavs, who marched well at last year’s World Cup, with which the Hungarian band will meet at the Olympic qualifiers in Gyor next March.

Our national team last started the European Championship with a victory in 2010. Slovenia was knocked out ten years ago (28-19); In 2012, it was the Croats who humiliated us at the opening of the group stage (27-28); In 2014, we started the semifinal tournament with a draw against the Russians (29–29), in 2016 the Czechs gave a lesson (22–27); and two years ago the Netherlands won the first round (25-28).

6:15 p.m.
Denmark and Montenegro (Television: Sports1)
HUNGARY-Serbia (Television: Sports1) – live on UFOs!

6:15 p.m. Netherlands-Croatia (Television: Sports1)

did not participate
Vb: 2. (2013), 6. (2019) – 4 participations
Eb: 4. (2012), 9. (2016) – 7 participations
Against the Hungarian balance sheet: 5 games, 3 wins, 2 losses, 164-153 goal difference
Last against each other: November 25, 2019, Seoul, preparatory match
Serbia-Hungary 25–23 (13–10). Best Hungarian pitchers: Clujber 8, Marton G. 3

1. Serbia 1 1 29–25 +4 2
2. Croatia 1 1 24–22 +2 2
3. HUNGARIANS 1 1 22–24 –2 0
4. The Netherlands 1 1 25–29 –4 0

December 8 (Tuesday), 20.30: Netherlands-Hungary (Television: Sport1, live on NSO)

Goalkeepers: Judge Blanca (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Janurik Kinda (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Melinda Shikora (Siofok KC)
Right: Dorothy Falluvegi (Győr Audi ETO), Lukacs Victoria (Győr Audi ETO)
Right Wings: Clara Cisar-Seceres (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Catherine Kluiber (FTC Rail Cargo Hungary), Zuzana Tomori (Siófok KC)
Managers: Aniko Kovacis (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), Rita Lakatos (NKSE Váci), Esther Toth (Motherson Mosonmagyaróvár)
Adapters: Pastor Noemi (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Petra Tovizi (DVCC Scheffler), Fanny Helmbai (NCSE Vaci)
Ballers: Noemi Hafra (FTC Railway Cargo Hungary), Greta Kasor (NKSE Vác), Sandra Shalosi-Zachik (MTK Budapest)
Left: Marton Greta (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary), Schatzl Nadine (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary)
Federal Captain:Gabor Dani, Gabor Elek
The players with italics were left out of the frame of the match against the Croats.

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