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The rally of the ERC will be the Nyíregyháza Rally

Hungary is the first hosts of the European Championships in rallies after 2003. The asphalt event in the city of Nyíregyháza is mentioned in the introductory calendar for 2019.

Eight races – four on asphalt, four on the list – scheduled for next year's races, which were approved by the FIA ​​rally committee on November 7 in Geneva. The calendar will be submitted for approval to the FIA ​​World Council on December 5, which will take place in St. Petersburg.

The new asphalt competition is the closing event of the ERC season

An exciting new event for the Hungarian rally in the ERC series in 2019. The asphalt competition enjoys only the support of both the Hungarian government and local governments. Its center will be Nyíregyháza, which is approximately 2 and a half hours drive from the capital, Budapest.

Although the race is completely new in 2018, November 9-11. where the Hungarian Championships are approaching, the history goes back to the end of the eighties, when it was a regular host of the city for Hungarian races.

"Eurosport, the ERC promoter, is delighted to see the Hungarian Rally in the Preliminary Schedule in 2019 and we hope that this is the beginning of long-term cooperation," said Jean-Baptiste Ley, ERC coordinator. "All this was the result of a consultation for a month and we were impressed by the devotion and professionalism of the organizing team, and we welcome the support of the Hungarian Government and local government and the mayor of Nyíregyháza."


Many Hungarian players are counted among the European Championships year after year. Tibor Érdi Tibor won the title ERC2 for the second time in 2018, if the FIA ​​confirms the final result. David Botka won this season in the Azores and Cyprus, while the four-time Hungarian champion Herczig Norbert was introduced to the ERC series in 2018, where he won a two-time MOL racing team. Kristo Klausz has been a regular participant in the youth ERC tournament since 2014, starting from the series.

Dr Tünde Szabó, Secretary of State for Sport, said: "This is a huge step and a huge diplomatic success that Rally Nyíregyháza has already been included in the preliminary schedule of the FIA ​​2019. Nyíregyháza has shown in recent decades that this is a very good place for national sport competitions. By purchasing the right to the Eb rally, we can join the international car race at a new and decisive moment and join the city of Nyíregyháza on the European sports map. The European Championship in Hungary is in line with the goal of our sports policy to provide Hungary with the right to organize the most prestigious international competitions sports, thus presenting our country and our cities.

Dr Ferenc Kovács, Mayor of Nyíregyháza, said: "Nyíregyháza has the great honor of hosting such a prestigious competition, preceded by enormous expectations." We are thinking of a long-term rally, which is a tourist event for our city. Nyíregyháza is upset about the arrival of the rally, people have been looking at the city district for a few days and I hope that this is only the first step, and a new sports and motor hall will be built in our city. "

Oláh Gyárfás, President of the Hungarian National Motor Association, said: "The announcement is a huge milestone for Hungarian motorsports, and above all for rally sports. Hungary is re-recorded on the international rally map, European Championships are coming back to us, the Hungarian Rally joins the calendar! Our competitors have already proven that they are in the elite of Europe, now we have to go to this profession, we must live according to the confidence we have gained. Nyíregyháza rally is the host of this announcement, and this city will be home to the Eb race. I hope we can celebrate the advert I would like to thank the Hungarian government for the support and guarantee of the state, the promotion of the promoter and Eurosport, and for helping everyone without whom it would not be possible. "

Tamás Őry, co-organizer of the tournament, said: "When we decided to take part in the European Championships, we could have a regular national championship race with 150 kilometers of racing, because the international car association observer saw a safe and good race regulated, but we thought we had already sunk our ax in We would organize an ERC race without being part of the ERC series to show that we were able to do so. Over six hundred people work this weekend, we have contact with fifty local authorities, we close a four-kilometer stretch in the center of Nyíregyháza and another 113 kilometers in Zemplén and because competitors are the most important, we tried to find good quality trails.We chose the recommended viewpoints in which we would like to provide information and infrastructure to serve our customers. In the long run, we strive not only for a few thousand fanatical camps to follow our field, but to get new drums for the rally or restore the old ones on the track. We also took steps to better follow the rally: in Kossuth Square in Nyíregyháza, we set up a gigantic ejector who mediated in supraspecific games, because the Saturday and MADIA stages will be broadcast by viewers. I am very happy that our competition is part of the schedule before the tournament, we will do our best to meet high expectations and organize good competition this weekend. "

Some of the important features of this year's race are: 69 cars listed in 17 sections, 223.10 km in total, 25.15 km Nyíregyháza in the superspeed center and 3 live streams.

Liepaja, Poland and Cyprus at another time

The next changes in the ERC 2019 schedule are the fact that the Latvian Lipava rally and the Rally Poland came earlier than during the last few years. The closing event 2017 and 2018, Rally Lipawy, will end at the end of May, and the Polish viaduct, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2018. The last weekend of September, will take place at the end of June.

The popular "ralik island" is the first challenge

The Azori Airlines Rally, which takes place on the island of São Miguel in the Atlantic Ocean and the Canary Islands Rally in the Canary Islands, provides early tests for ERC teams that receive travel support for both locations.

Seasonal asphalt adventures

Calendar 2019 ERC includes two asphalt rallies in the middle of the season: Roma Capital Rally and Barum Rally in the Czech Republic, which will be twice as many as two weeks earlier. Race competitions are distributed in equal proportions to help young talents gain experience in the ERC Junior series. Youth starting in ERC Junior can also experience asphalt and blackmail because the 2019 calendar has three or three races on both covers.

FIA European Rally Championship 2019, prize draw *

Race 1, March 21-23: Rally of the Azores Line ** (ERC Junior), crumbling

Race 2, 2-4 May: Rally Islas Canarias (ERC Junior), asphalt

Race 3, 24-26 May: Rally Liepaja (Latvia) (ERC Junior), asphalt

Race 4, 28-30 June: Rally Poland (ERC Junior), Murva

Race 5, 19-21 July: Rally di Roma Capitale (Italy) (ERC Junior), asphalt

Race 6, August 16-18: Barum Czech Rally Zlín (ERC Junior), asphalt

Race 7, 27-29 September: Cyprus Rally, Crumb

Race 8, 1-3 November: Hungarian Rally (Hungary), asphalt

* if it has been approved by the FIA ​​World Council

** if the promoter of the event has been signed

Jean-Baptiste Ley, ERC coordinator, said: "We are very pleased to be able to submit the preliminary race schedule for the 2019 European rally series, which is awaiting approval from the FIA ​​World Council. We have again taken into account and responded to the demand of races, and in eight events we have adjusted the number of races in the season equal to asphalt and gravel.Rally, we can welcome you with a new, exciting race in the calendar.We are happy to extend our long-term cooperation with Azori Airlines Rally, Canary Islands Rally, Lipawa Rally, Polish Rally, Roma Capital, Rally Barum in the Czech Republic and the Cypriot Rally. Although the Acropolis is not part of the ERK calendar in 2019, the door is open to a possible return because it is a great race. "

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