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Shipwreck: "It's inconceivable that the big ship will not see the little one"

It does not apply to the remarkable circumstance that the cruise that suffered an accident on Wednesday sank in a few seconds, "said Jezo Simmonati, deputy director of the shipbuilding department at the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, who said the clash between the hotel boat and sightseeing he was so powerful that he immediately sank.

Photo: / Dániel Szabó

The published videos only show the last moment when the ship for the sightseeing of a mermaid comes under the Viking ship, when there was no chance for the smaller boat "there was some accident," said Jezo Simongati in InfoRádio Deputy head of the sector for rail vehicles, aircraft and ships at the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest.

The big question is how these two ships could get closer to one another – Jezo Simongati put the most important question for the story. Experts will certainly respond to this later, as ships are equipped with a tracking system; "The hotel ship is sure to have one, but I think the ship is also," said the expert.

The suggestion that if the rules were respected by everyone, two ships could not be so close to each other, he said, "it is not advisable for two of these different sizes to be so close to each other; he wanted to pass, and the pillars pushed them in The expert thinks that the big ship did not see the small, but did not know that the captain of the small boat had noticed the great one.

According to him, there is a large area on the Danube for accommodating ships, and even many of them, as part of Budapest.

It is thought that the 7-second sink is a media sensation, but not surprising for professionals with such great powers.

Traveler Association: For seafarers, the safety of passengers is the most important

The confirmation of passenger ships is that the safety of passengers is a priority – the Association of passengers said in a statement on Friday from the Danube ship two days ago.

Passenger transport is the safest of all types of transportation, with a massive disaster like an environment that lasts 75 years. The passenger boat company complains with relatives of the victims. "Our colleagues were not able to leave the sinking ship," MTI quoted him as saying.

Ships near the crash – Fisherman's Bastion and Motor Wave – began to rescue the fallen passengers in a minute and save the lives of two people. They are proud of them, because they know their duty, if not, we will mourn more people today.

The shipping rules explain the traffic situations between the ships. Wednesday's accident occurred during overdue commissioning. In this case, the ship wishing to go ahead should obtain a permit from the advanced one and conduct the overtaking at a reliable speed so that the physical contact of the ships is switched off.

On average, several hundred travel trips to Budapest can be visited daily, compared to twenty in Hungary over the last thirty years. This is due to several factors. Most of the EU rules are appropriate, regulatory control is consistent, and training sailors is of a high standard – read in the Communication.

The accident happened when, on average, seventy-three meters long boats sailed in the evening, at night, in the center of the Danube, about four kilometers long.

At the initiative of the Hungarian National Navigation Association, the delivery authority put the security measures for two years and changed them for half a year, which could significantly reduce the risks. For example, they have banned the return of large ships, and require much more intense communication from ships to the city center.

The delivery authority shall specify in detail the type, number, size, placement of the group and individual rescue equipment and other equipment, which is regularly checked by the authorities. In the event of a defect, the ship may be forbidden to operate, which would lead to market loss, fines and compensation, so that the seafarers comply with the rules. At the same time, shipping regulations do not require large-sized ships to fully carry a rescue device, because the area is well protected, the risk of loss is practically zero, only requires emergency equipment to be carried in a precisely controlled manner in an emergency. When the boat driver reveals a situation of danger, informs passengers, directs them to safety and can act in an organized way, the statement said.

Regardless of the fact that the crew of the ship was in a crash on Wednesday, there were no more than two minutes left between the discovery of the collision and the total sinking of the ship, and the ship behind it was pushed against the flow, so in this case it was not possible taken.

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