Wednesday , September 22 2021 – Recommend for the weekend: The Pathless

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Developer: Iantinovska squid

System requirements:
Minimum: Intel Core i3-2115C 2 GHz or AMD Athlon II X3 455 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 740 or ATI Radeon R5 340 graphics card, 4 GB RAM, 15 GB free space
Recommended: Processor Intel Core i5-750S 2.4 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965, graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti or ATI Radeon R7 360X, 6 GB RAM, 15 GB free space
Similar games: Abzu, RiME
Category: action-adventure

Introducing the latest generation of art-based indie games, The Pathless shows that there is life after Journey and RiME. From our game test, you can find out how the latest Giant Squid creation was made!

Travel, RiME, Abzu – just three names from indie culture in the last few years, who although very different from each other, were actually built on a parapet, had a lot in common, but most importantly, they showed the whole industry: not just millions dollars and with ultra realistic graphics you can make a great interactive party. Because every game of this kind was a real specialty, and although there were many attempts to imitate it, the end result was horrible in many cases – just think of The Falconeer, which was recently tested – so it soon became clear that creativity and quality were a basic requirement.

With this in mind, he has compiled his latest work, The American Giant Squid, formed in 2013, which had previously gained some Abzoo fans, but whose name will probably be known to millions around the world from No Path Which became a brilliant action-adventure in a row. inspired by Journey and RiME, with many unique style characters. Let’s see why we loved the end result so much!

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What we can say here, at the beginning, is that we will definitely not like the game the most because of its twisted and special history, because the final result can be agreed on this field in a few sentences. Because there will be a cursed island, where our goal will be to save some Beverly creatures to become heroes of the universe. Although, unlike RiME, there are many stories here, there are passers-by who guide us and add more accessories to our hands about what is going on around us at all. The whole thing is less artistic or philosophical in this field, but there will still be a lot to think about walking across the rails, because we can run into our hero in many objects or events, which will not be clear though it becomes obvious from the beginning: this is a strange world here.

And this special little universe will be discovered on the side of a hunter who can be controlled from the outside. Interestingly, although his weapon will always be with him, we can not shoot innocent animals with his bows, there is no unnecessary violence and destruction, but we still have to use it constantly if we want to move forward. Because the primary use of the bow will be to find various talismans for lighting while running, which will allow us to achieve a steadily growing pace and perform various combinations.

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With this strange method, we will be able to achieve our goals faster, but we will also need the bow if, for example, we want to solve smaller tasks and puzzles, because for example, to open certain gates or earn game points , you may also need to hit the talisman switch with a bow. At first glance, this system may seem strange, but it has proven to be clearly appealing and enjoyable, so it will appear as a positive in a lot rather than a negative.

This also applies to the rest of the game. For example, although we have a huge open world, it does not have a mini-map, but our hunter has a special ability that acts as a kind of scanner, and by activating it we will immediately see the most important points in the countryside with something to do. What needs to be done is usually known when we visit these points. No one is holding our hand here, there will be no mandatory order or direction of progress, and even more, we also need to understand exactly what tasks we need to solve in order for something to happen in our case.

Along the way, we can constantly collect crystals, read messages from warriors and sages who have died before, in a word, the world will guide and shape us, but we will have incredible freedom. Of course, we soon realize that we will have to look for special talismans and deliver them to the big towers to unlock the red curse, but getting these special items or finding or climbing the towers will often be a real challenge.

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However, we have not yet talked about one important thing about The Pathless, namely our partner. We will be able to experience this special experience not only, but in the company of an eagle, which will help us a lot in solving tasks and discovering. The reason for this is that from the very beginning, for example, he is able to move and carry various heavy objects to where we want to go. For example, we face a task very early on when we need to measure the pressure switches to make our way forward, but the little bird will also be able to fly us from one point to another, and even lift it higher with the flap or two. to get to places we would not know ourselves.

Because of this, it is important to explore the landscape as much as possible, discover the various corners and collect lots of diamonds in order to increase the capabilities of our eagle and hero to the highest possible level. Thanks to this, new and new levels of the world will open before us, we will be able to map previously inaccessible places, so that we will get a comprehensive experience that works only as it is really offered Travel or RiME.

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Graphics: Although The Pathless has a cartoon, often rough and an ax-wielding display of just the games mentioned, its graphics are still pleasing, thanks to sophisticated colors and clever object designs that elevate the end result to the heights of the latest Zelda. And all this is accompanied by particularly good computer optimization, so that even perennial computers will have no problem working at maximum settings.

User interface, control: Although the interface is minimalist, the controls were generally very simple and pleasant. Not only will we be able to easily manage our hero, but it is also not a problem to have to find small talismans at a high pace, because everything is automated, everything is smooth, functional. Guide your eagle alone can sometimes be a problem. We have no direct control over it, and when it brings us weights, for example, it will be extremely difficult to understand not to throw it on our feet or head, but on the switch because we can not move the object in question.

Playing: Although it is a bloody one player experience, The Pathless promises a particularly enjoyable experience, and with enough thoroughness, we can get up to 10+ hours out of it. However, this does not work in the field of repetition, because it is practically impossible to discover all the secrets of the big world during the first walk.

Intelligence, difficulty: We would not call the game difficult, but a balanced experience in which neither violence nor action got a particularly big role, more precisely only in a figurative sense. In particular, we will not meet opponents either, so it is often a more pleasant, relaxing experience than examining the nerves.

Sounds, music: The game is characterized by restrained, quiet and basically pleasant sounds and sound effects, which, in addition, sound in true quality. Important elements of the experience, it is worth paying attention to them, even if they were not as pronounced as in some works of a similar style.

Summary: Basically, The Pathless was one of the last big surprises for us this year. We absolutely loved every piece of it, its unique and original solutions, while it can even serve as a guide for similar indie pieces of the future, because it is useless to know a few elements from elsewhere if you come across at least so many innovative solutions in it. Another video game in which art, philosophy and interactive entertainment go hand in hand. Much more!

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