Monday , October 25 2021

Prim News – Startup from Southeastern Europe choose IBM Cloud to increase innovation


At IBM THINK South East Europe, IBM introduced its cloud-based solutions, which are widely used by startups in south-eastern Europe.

In the region, many companies are turning to IBM Cloud technology – AI, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) – to achieve visible growth at the global level through innovation. For example, such solutions have been chosen by Blinking as a provider of digital identity based on blockchain; creator of electric drive and producer Elaphe; as well as HeartBit, which develops cardiac medical devices.

"Startups and other companies are considered value for Open Cloud IT solutions based on the cloud, combined with strong industry knowledge to provide the services they need and the flexibility they need to grow and transform."– said Michael Paier, IBM's executive director for the region of Southeastern Europe. "By choosing IBM Cloud as an organization, organizations can do much more than just lower operating costs. Using such exciting cloud technologies as AI, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), companies can develop new business models and develop new services that differentiate them from the competition. "

The announcement is part of an IBM program to help you move startups and global brands such as Bausch + Lomb, Whirlpool and Kyocera, to IBM Cloud systems and to modernize your existing infrastructure. Recently, IBM announced that a private IBM service in the cloud has been selected by hundreds of organizations, including New Zealand police, the Chinese Fuyao group, the Aflac Japanese insurance company, the Turkish Credit Office Kredit Bank and the Brazilian National Information Service. to modernize existing IT systems and develop new, innovative applications more quickly in line with market requirements.

In the Southeastern Europe region, the following startups chose IBM Cloud:

blinking, Serbia

Blinking is a blockchain-based digital identification service that uses the IBM Cloud Hyperledger Fabric function to allow the user to have their own data. Users can create their own digital IDs with the Blinking ID function and authenticate and protect them using various technologies (eg Password protection, face detection, fingerprint reader) and decide which service providers have access to. This feature allows users to check, validate, or reject any data requests. By using IBM Cloud Private, the "Know Your Client" (KYC) Blinking service is piloted in five Serbian banks., Croatia

Careesma has developed the Smarty Virtual Assistant service for the University of Management and Management in Zagreb, which facilitates student management. The system is able to quickly respond to students' questions, regardless of their location, each day of the week, 24 hours a day. Smarty uses IBM Cloud IBM Watson Assistant, which uses machine learning technology to develop IT services that understand human language and communication, which can simulate human dialogue and automatically generate significant, relevant responses to the machine and human between.

HeartBIT, Hungary

HeartBit has partnered with IBM to develop a breakthrough, portable backend for ECG devices. The system receives the data sent by HeartBit and then sends it to IBM Cloud via the mobile application, where it is stored and then processed using the latest artificial intelligence technology. Thanks to the information provided by the Heartbit application, users can optimally plan the duration of their training so that they can be safely formulated with progress harmful to health. Due to the company's high security and data security requirements, IBM Cloud chose its services.

Indivizo, Hungary

Indivizo offers data-driven recruitment solutions that help HR decision makers choose the most suitable collaborators. The company analyzes video interviews of applicants with IBM Cloud Watson AI technology. Using advanced video analysis, Indivizo is able to create different personality profiles that provide HR decision makers with important information about the suitability of a candidate for a given position.

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, Slovenia

Elaphe chose IBM Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) technology to secure a new generation of self-propelled electric and hybrid cars. With IBM Cloud, Elaphe can track real-time driving conditions and vehicle performance to provide valuable information on the development and operation of cars that use electric wheel drive.

Information about IBM Cloud

With a revenue of USD 19 billion annually, IBM is a global leader in corporate cloud services designed to meet business needs and changing social needs. IBM Cloud, designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs, has been designed to meet the requirements of artificial intelligence and the growing demand for data requirements, which can provide real access to enterprise solutions. The private, public and hybrid services offered by IBM provide solutions that meet global needs, which can support innovative activities in various industries.

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