Monday , September 20 2021

police took responsibility for Jaas Girgi

M. Richard 2017 described the tone of Joe Gyrgy faster than allowed, and then crashed with Sitron. Two were killed in the sting, and the others were defeated. After the incident, M. Richard, who was defeated earlier than his sabers, was arrested by the police, and then ordered the arrest.

The gzol broke into the frizz for the rules of hzi rizet, and now it comes. The boarding was allowed to M. Richrd to go to a doctor who went to the center of the corridor. Then, the police took care of Funds Froosi.

M. Richard on the days of the Central Board of Investigations, he questioned the suspicions of several crimes.

Force: Origo

Given these, M. Richard should be detained, because there is a danger that he or she will commit a crime or investigate.

According to Origo informcii brsg today ordered M. Richard to stop. Bartney will go to war as soon as a gzolt with foxes is taken.

As we have said before, M. Riddle tonight with Mercedes drove Jaas Girge, and then hit him last year with Sitron.

Two people died in the crash. M. Richard was captured before the crash.

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