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Polar bears DVTK: Macik wants a MAC sketch

Tüskecsarnok in Budapest hosts the MAC Újbuda – DVTK Polar Bears match at 18:00, which is of great interest, but is still expected to be truly prestigious. The first match between two clubs in the Borsod district won 3-2, so Miskolca players will return to the game.

They took the rhythm

The Macik are doing well this week, winning on Tuesday and Wednesday, and if they win triumph on Friday, they can consolidate their place in midfield.

"As a club leader, I've seen many improvements since the beginning of September," said István Egri, representative of the majority owner of the Polar Bears team DVTK after winning the Trencsény. "When I was on the line, I was not bored because I knew that if we take the rhythm of the league, the results will come in. There is motivation in us, we have energy, and our speed is there, we are spinning as we expect from physical fighting, so we have a significant improvement overall performance and virtually all we are worthy of all teams. Capitals are well known, but they are aware of our advantages, players know almost everything about themselves, many have fought for clubs and clubs. We lost the match we were in and we did not win, but that's not it does not matter because there are not two identical matches, almost the same knowledge of both teams, in which case it is usually a temporary form, better use of positions and more efficient appearances in foul games – I hope in our favor.

There will be many of them

Glen Hanlon, a Canadian driver, said on Wednesday evening that he has a happy face with a footless 3 points and then looked into the future:

– The key to matching is always to use speed and position. We made a good performance against Trencséna in a human fever, and if the boys are in the capital, they will succeed.

Galanis Nikandrosz – who on Tuesday evening, one of the Slovak commentators called the smile of Nikandróz – is more and more, and on Wednesday, for example, the winning goal was his name.

"We do not have to worry about anyone, we all feel the importance of the battle ahead of us," said the attacker. – We are in a good series, our mood has improved and we like to play in front of a large crowd, because we are sure that many will be at Pock Hall. We have many jokes against each other and it is difficult to find something new, so individual decisions in front of the gate can determine the picture of the game and the fate of the points. On behalf of my colleagues, I say that we are winning in Budapest, we believe in ourselves and in the next victory.


Talking numbers

Both teams have the same scale as the lost points: 28 points at the DVTK 23, 25 meetings in the MAC program 22. Miskolcs were 63 times, Budapest 59 times successful, while the results on both sides showed 75. From that moment we could take a tie, but there is no indication in the league if after 60 + 5 minutes overtime a scoreboard appeared, and then – with penalties or the way in which the hokinyelv described it, the first thing that would have to do with the red white in the history of the Slovakian league would be shooting.

Hajós (red) also tested the goalkeeper

Miskolc – the 23rd match was won by polar bears DVTK in the Slovakian Tipsport League.

On Wednesday night, Macik fought in the middle of the field against Trencadej. This time their gates were protected by Adorján, although it is clear that the main coach Glen Hanlon is a new …

Goal from Diósgyőr on two matches in Miszkolcu

Miskolc – Piešťany appeared on Tuesday evening, Macik, who won the summit.

The 22nd round of the Tipsport league in Slovakia returned the team of DVTK Polar Bears to their last place. Red and white went ice into HK Orange 20 (U20 representation in Slovakia). Improving the home

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