Sunday , June 20 2021

Plyn is a Hungarian footballer and the Spaniards welcome Spaniards

In the law of the nation, the Hungarian glossary accepts the band st, but the slug of the day will be horvt-Spanish.

M4 Sport
11.15 pm: loneliness, rvidplys vilgkupa, singapore
17.15: Rplabda, Extraliga, Hungast Halads-UTE
20.30: Labdargs, National League, Hungary

Sport 1
15.45: Labdargs, Law of Nations, Kazakhstan-Lettorszg
20.30: Labdargs, Law of Nations, Horvtorszg-Spain

Sport 2
17.45: Labdargs, Crocodile, Poland-Czechoslovakia
20.30: Labdargs, National League, Grggou-Finnorszg

Eurosport 1
13.45 s 20.00: Snooker, special offers, day 4

Eurosport 2
6.00: Kerkpr, Tour of Fucsou, Chapter 2

Digisport 1
15.00 s 21.00: Tennis, ATP World Championship, London
17.45: Rplabda, frfi Challenge Cup, Fino Kaposvr-UVC Holding Graz

Digisport 2
18/10: Basketball, frfi Euroleague, Darssafaka-Olimpia Milano
20.00: Basketball, Euroleague, Olimpiakos-Fenerbahce

Digisport 3
18.55: Basketball, frfi Euroliga, Buducsnoszt-Baskonia
20.55: Basketball, Euroleague, Real Madrid-Himki Moscow

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