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PAOL is also the successor of MOL Vidi


MOL Vidi FC defeated Gräg PAOK Thessaloniki in the 4th round of the Europa League in the group Arn 1: 0, so Hungarian champion made a big jump in the net, Chelsea played 1-0 – suffers from a storm against Bate & Borisow in the upcoming fight .

Grgk said that it will not be the Hungarian champion, so according to the hzi glkirlya team, Serbian Aleksandar Prijovic and one of the most brilliant team players, with Pontus Wernbloom and Brazilian Leo Jaby, left the 10 bleak team Dimitrios Pelkasz.

Vidi started exactly with the same band with which he could easily beat 2-0 in Thessaloniki, i.e. Marko Nikolics was the show.

In the sales sector of Groupana Arna, there was no such thing as a single res, or every res, only the sector was destroyed and there was no chance for Thousand Thessalonians.

Fanatical grams are found in Groupama Arna slot machinesForrs: Csuddai Sndor – Origo

The voice of drummer Fehrvri also appeared when the third minute came with the quick whistle of Vidi Akci, but he did better, and Marko Scsepovics had to remove the grg vdelem.

However, the ball could have more in common with the ball, and Vidi took advantage of the opportunity when Milanov, Huszti and Nego could defeat the goal of Paszhalakis. Grgk also used straw, and Limnios operated on the right.

In 12. Grggg luck – or glt – brought only a wonderful situation:Milanov jumped after Scsepovics went to Lo Matos on the left side of the pole post, but before the time came, the grg driver came running and mounted the Vidi slot. At the beginning of the 16th minute, PAOK managed to score the first goal, but Kovcsik scored a jtktrrl. Three minutes later, he scored the Scsepovics ball, and the striker pushed Lgi forward with Pascal but did not have the slightest chance of hitting the goalkeeper.

Marko Scsepovics (44) worked on the small goalkeeper PaszhalakisForrs: Csudai Sndor – Origo

We could go to the top of the table to see that one of the teams did not have tactics, so the team was a team and the goalkeeper had a beaten match.

In the 30th minute Fiola Attila was forced to strike Attila Lo Jba on the srga wheel, and a few minutes later Szabolcs Huszti could get a free kick of the Hungarian boxer, but kzpplys left the gretes and the first team scored sixteen. vonalrl. After a minute, Vincius fell to the bottom of a 16-minute penalty line in the base line.

Stopira (22), commander of the guardianForrs: Csudai Sndor – Origo

Vidi used ordinary discipline, and PAOK did not look at it from creative creativity. If you want to run right or left next to the line, but Fiola and Stopira were in place, you could not throw them. For the first 45 minutes PAOK did not hit the rush that was thrown on Wednesday's party, last in action, Giorgi Milanov slalomed for grg kzpplyn, but Fernando Vrela was blocked from the 16th in the field. Talin was the smallest possible option, but remained at 0-0 level.

Msodik flid

After a moment the troops jumped one by one, but the minute did not pass when Vidi crushed herself. We were much faster, the teams worked faster and faster. That was exactly the case with the 50-minute ball when Ptkai pushed Vinci & # 39; on the pitch and Milanov came in for the first time and scored on goal (1: 0).

He could only increase the number of domestic players who won Chelsea at home at the same time with Vidi at the same time – so far he has developed so far from the fehrvri aspect. In front of the crowd crowds were also picked up by the crowds: red from the domestic sector and a little crazy around the country.

In the first session there were also free (9) Szabolcs HusztiForrs: Csudai Sndor – Origo

PAOK tried to accelerate the pace, and Razvan Lucesci scored in the first match against the Dutch Biseswart and former Chelsea player, Chuba Akpom. Vlaszul Marko Nikolics also replaced: Szabolcs Huszti replaced the great season with Kovcs István.

At the 75th minute she had to stop, which had to chew the cheese with Lo Matos, but both could continue. The Nikolai master showed no signs of excitement in the last quarter: the buckle replaced him when he replaced Armin Hodzsics instead of Scsepovics.

PAOK did not mention Vidi as an opponent, but Vidi could have caused more controversy, and Hodzsics and Kovcs were fast and creative.

As Scsepovics (44) comes from grg, Vidi from PAOK and BATEForrs: Csudai Sndor – Origo

It is typical that the hunters had to perform the most dangerous action for 84 minutes, after which Amr Warda left the baseline, but Vidi was cleared – and Kovcsik dmn did not always have to lose. Only 90 + 5. It was a while when the lost knife had to be pushed to Kovcsik – in truth, he was also wounded.

After winning the Hungarian champion six points, the group took second place and was very serious.

Outcome, European League, Group Round, Round 4:
MOL See FC-PAOK Saloniki 1-0 (0-0)
Groupama Arna, led by Ali Palabiyika (trk)
glszerz: Milanov 50.

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