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Minister Palkovich is ready to pay more for his municipal apartment in Vir

It meets happily C. Marta Nasali the mayor Laszlo Palkovic, he is happy to announce the lease of his apartment in Buddha Castle and is ready to pay a higher rent, the innovation minister told ATV.

On March 24, he wrote that Laszlo Palkovic, as well as other public figures close to Fides, acquired an inexpensive municipal apartment on Tansix Street in Buddha Castle. By exchanging homes, he acquired the right to rent a municipal apartment in 2013, before being appointed secretary of state for higher education and in 2018 to become minister of innovation.

The minister pays the so-called rent of 63 square meters of real estate, based on the housing regulation of the municipality of Budavar, it can be calculated that the rent of the apartment in the historic building will be just over 32 thousand HUF per square meter.

At Sunday's municipal elections, Fides ruled District I in 1998 Gabor Tamish Nagy lost, and the opposition also won a majority in the House. The new mayor, Martha W. Nasali V, told our paper on Monday that they plan to review all contracts for the municipality, not just the rentals and they will be posted on the municipal website. And embarrassing cases must be resolved.

Palkovic has just spoken on this, telling atv.hu that he agrees to a revision of the contracts and is willing to pay a higher rent and would like to pay more.

I would like to ask Mart Vas Nasali to review all the agreements and make them public, but then for example the former IHR Commissioner, South of Barat and everyone, regardless of the political side

– The Minister noted, adding that he spent HUF 20 million on refurbishing municipal housing. Palkovic also mentioned that he bought a playroom with another parent in a kindergarten in Weir "for his own tax money instead of the municipality".

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