Friday , October 22 2021

Long Katinka is in big danger to threaten FINA


The two-year ban is threatened by athletes from the International Swimming Federation (FINA), who are racing at the inaugural inaugural opening event of the International Swimming League (ISL) in December. However, three-time Olympic champion Long Katinka is not interested in the threat from the international alliance.

The launch of the new series does not appeal to FINA because it disrupts the organization by launching other forms of monetary competition, and on the other hand, the event, which will take place between December 20 and 21, will coincide with the short World Championship, 16th place in China.

Olympic champions Adam Peaty and Sarah Sjöström have signaled that they will stay away from the World Cup, but they will compete in the Turin race. That's why FINA hardened him, and threats and raising funds for winnings await the best sports in China– said Gergő Csurka, spokesperson of the Hungarian Swimming Association.

Long Katinka is not afraid that FINA will stop herSource: Imaginechina / Cai fuliang – Imaginechina / Cai Fuliang

He added that he can not imagine that he really forbids his best work in an international organization.

If you leave the 24 biggest stars in Turin and forbid FINA, there will not be single names of the trainees. Moreover, the International Court of Arbitration (CAS) did not allow this prohibition because it is illegal.

"Katinka is involved in both short-term and ISL races," said Kinga Kiss, a press release who did not want to answer the question of whether he was long. Although it's easy to guess from the beginning: no.

(Source: BID)

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