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Laszlo Cover: The world belongs to those who are born

The secret story of the 2018 elections on 84 color pages.

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“However, it is an indisputable fact that the world belongs to those who live,” Laszlo Kover, chairman of the House, said in an interview with during the inauguration of the statue of Stephen Tissa in Cegedenidania. According to Fat, those who do not want a child are on the path of self-liquidation. It’s very difficult, it may not be worth arguing with these people, “but we must try what seems impossible: to stop and turn the Hungarian nation down the demographic slope.” According to the speaker, Fidesz is working on this as well.

Fat also spoke about relations with the western half of Europe, saying that for a long time he thought that we should catch up, to overcome the historical backwardness, but today

“It has become clear that we are different.”

like the developed west, from which “we have faced a series of abnormalities.” At the same time, Fidesz still believes in European Christian culture, but they believe that the diversity of nations is the basis for this, and in the West they want to eradicate it.

The speaker also understands the modern world and the problems of young people, saying that “the world has accelerated dangerously and younger age groups are no longer necessarily understood and that is the greatest danger.” The confusion of values ​​of young people can be fought through public education, it must be said that it can not be neutral values, but must focus on the transmission of national culture and values.

Rejoicing in the thoughts of Stephen Tissa, he also said that today’s Hungarian opposition certainly consists of people it does not value. “Unfortunately, in every country, at every age, in society, there was a ‘law’ that voters did not allow in public life, especially not in power, but if it came there after some upheaval – see 1918-1919 – it became a national tragedy. . “These lawmakers are building on the subversive aggression, the envy that the communist and anarchist movements brought to the Kingdom of Pentecost a hundred years ago, with the result that 133 days later the country was destroyed.”

In the 2018 parliamentary elections, the opposition coalition failed, and Fidesz again won a two-thirds majority. It is about the secret negotiations that are taking place here and the internal struggles that are taking place behind the scenes MACRO the latest issue. Peter Madzari, one of the 444 most famous investigative journalists, has been conducting background interviews with the most influential actors in Hungarian political life for months, seeking the answer to the basic question of Hungarian democracy: “Can the government be replaced in elections?”

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