Saturday , September 18 2021

It facilitates blind access to national consultations

Eight national consultations on family protection will be available to the blind and visually impaired – said Zsolt Nyitrai, prime minister responsible for social affairs, in Budapest on Sunday.

The Hungarian blind and visually impaired federation has asked the government because it wants the blind and visually impaired to participate in national consultations, said Zsolt Nyitrai, who noted that there are over 80,000 blind and visually impaired people in Hungary. He explained that the best solution for the availability of consultation sheets will be determined by experts of the alliance.

Zsolt Nyitrai said the consultation questionnaires reached homes in Budapest, and the continual deliveries are in the countryside. At the beginning of December, all households will have access to consultation questions that can be answered by December 21.

Photo: Kiss Bence / 444

Sándor Nagy, president of the Hungarian association of the Hungarian blind and visually impaired, said that the founders of the organization set themselves the goal that the blind and visually impaired would act on their own behalf and that they could participate in society. Versions of consultation sheets for blind and deaf people will be prepared next week. They will be distributed by the alliance, he said. (MTI)


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