Wednesday , June 16 2021

Index – Technology – Huawei again dropped with fake images

Huawei has just posted some amazing photos of the latest camera, the P30 Pro camera, but it soon turned out that images posted on the Weibo Chinese community portal are not as good as the camera on the phone is good for the animal, but because they were made with a professional camera. In fact, somehow included is a ten-year photo of the shares, writes Ver.

Otherwise, the P30 Pro camera seems to be interesting on paper, with four sensors equipped with a periscope zoom camera, which is theoretically capable of 7x optical zoom. This does not sound bad, and it would not be wrong for the company to promote your phone with professional images during your marketing campaign, but this should be clearly marked, not here.

gsmarena 002

The whole thing is even more unpleasant, not to be disturbed to make their own pictures, for example, a photograph of a photographer's portfolio named Jack Olson, and the erupted volcano is a 2009 shot by Getty.

Of course, it is quite likely that the company licenses these images, but the situation is quite strange. Especially since this is not the first such case: Last year, in an ad from Huawei Nova 3, the image made with DSLR was set up as if it was made with the phone.

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