Only Soros and migration came to Hungary, and Brussels tried to refute the claims of the Sargentini report with more sophistication. Government statements without comment.

A government document prepared for a consultation procedure in Brussels on the basis of art. 7, is intended to reject the allegations of the Sargentini report. 131-page material was released on Tuesday by the government – a real second launch after publishing on the official site, unavailable for many hours or appearing after the search.

The document was forwarded to the participants by Secretary of State Judith Varga at the Monday's meeting of the Council. He was the one before the report was adopted political in Brussels, he called for "witch hunt" against Hungary.

The current arguments are more diverse than the two-phase analysis that the government and Fidesz like, in relation to the report of the Hungarian government, strongly criticized by the EP in September with a large majority. In other words,

  • the aggression of Brussels politicians about immigration over Hungary,
  • because no abstentions were taken into account, the entire vote is invalid from a legal point of view.

We have developed extensive letters that can convince an unmarried friend of Hungary – are the ministers of the Member States deciding on the continuation of the rule of law process.

And again, there is only a big question, what the following government arguments mean for those who do what is written in the document.

1. The constitutional system

The constitutional traditions of each Member State must be respected. There are no common European rules in this area.

The constitutional principles of the Constitutional Tribunal (two-thirds of the votes of the members of parliament and the required high level of qualifications) guarantee the independence of the judges, as well as the office's mandate for a long time, currently 12 years and re-election rules.

One of the highest results of the parliamentary elections on April 8, 2018 has been since the fall of communism. […] This in itself shows the strong legitimacy of Parliament.

At such a high level of participation, it is wrong to say that "voters did not have the right information to make informed decisions."

The national consultations began on 17 March 2016 (Stop Brussels – ed.), the government asked about the views of people about the position it will take in the debate on the future of Europe and on topics that have a huge impact on the lives of Hungarian people.

2. Corruption

In Hungary for deputies and their close family members declaration of wealth they must be submitted for decades. […] In addition, members are family members who live with them and live in one house real estate prices they must also submit a certificate.

OLAF 2017regarding 47% of OLAF's recommendations in 2010-2017, the EU average is 42%. […] The judge in this case has the right to assess each of the evidence. This means that the OLAF reports themselves are considered as evidence, but may be relevant to criminal proceedings. […]Another factor affects the law enforcement rate is that there is no longer any evidence that would be needed to successfully conclude the investigation later if the OLAF report is closed.

Procedures for the award of public contracts for a single practice are largely dependent on the economic and social situation of the country and the market structure in the Member State. […] The fact that only one entity submits a tender for a public procurement does not mean corruption or market distortion. The applicant is not aware of the number of applications, so he offers a competitive environment.

The Hungarian government is taking steps to prevent corruption. Hungary has adopted several two-year national anti-corruption programs that are still being implemented. […]

In Hungary, 97 percent of cases of corruption end in punishment or investigation.

3. Freedom of speech

The Basic Law ensures the diversity and sustainable functioning of the media market. The Hungarian government is committed to ensuring these rights. […]

The Hungarian government is committed to ensuring freedom of speech and media, in line with the functioning of private media companies and the development of the media market outside the sphere of government.

One time case of the first sitting of Parliament they did not let journalists, it can not be serious draw conclusions.

4. Academic freedom

The rules regarding the functioning of foreign universities in Hungary are misunderstood, academic freedom is not limited in Hungary. […] Amendment to the Higher Education Act (to Lex CEU – ed.) It was designed to create equal opportunities for foreign universities. […] With one exception, each institution considered this amendment as technical and signed the necessary cooperation agreement. [..] The relatively short time between the change and the signatures was confirmed by the new law does not put any unfavorable conditions towards foreign institutions.

Each Member State has the right to determine which academic programs are accredited. In the future there will be no subsidized and accredited state genderképzés Hungary. However, related programs of higher education can be implemented. This decision does not limit the freedom of research at any level, because this subject can be further studied and taught at universities with the foundation.

5. Freedom of association

organization supported abroad the name is only factual, non-stigmatizing and non-negative.

Protest against civilians and CEU on April 12, 2017


As the lack of transparency in the civilian sector is not the only one in our country and many other countries are struggling with it, Hungary joined the countries that are leading in adopting rational principles of protecting citizens.

6. Respect for the fundamental rights of migrants and asylum seekers

The government introduced a decree on mass immigration crisisAt that time, and independently of the normal rules of the asylum procedure, special measures apply. […] This prolonged crisis situation in Hungary will apply until 7 March 2019, unless it is extended on the basis of the current migration situation.

So far, there has not been a lawsuit against Hungarian border guards for violating the rights of asylum seekers.

At the request of the European Commission, Hungary confirmed in its reply of 28 September 2018 that persons in the transit zone food is automatically downloadedas long as their conclusions are judged and even rejected.

7. Social rights

Hungary refuses this criminalization homelessness. […] The basic law is the seventh change It entered into force on October 15, 2018. It not only restores public order but also protects the homeless. The aim of is to provide adequate care to these people in homeless homes and to prevent them on the streets in winter through frost and.

It depends on the European Council or from you, the reader / voter, how much you believe in it.

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