Monday , August 10 2020

"I'm Barry," said Tommy Fluor, and then he surprised everyone

He left all his horror aside for the game of Winning Doubles.

A new round of the Winner Doubles Tournament has begun, having already left the villa after the first few days of missing. This time, couples were able to raise money for a bold test, where the men – who already were – had to overcome their fears.

Before the assignment, everyone told me what they were afraid of, and that was then Fluor for Tom everything is frightening. For example, he was particularly afraid of heights, which did not help in the action-packed action game.

I'm side by side. I won't pretend I'm not. Height, depth, stuck, darkness, everything. It's easy enough to panic with such a sieve

He said before the match.

Even his good friend, Goddess Bence and in his absence, he bet he would certainly succeed, but then Fluor surprised everyone. Despite his success, it is worth looking at his face at certain points in the game.

Favorite picture: InstaStory / @ emymusic_

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