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IFA 2019: Nokia is also present with very cheap mobile phones

In addition to the launch of the Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 and the rugged Nokia 800, lighter models have also appeared at the IFA in Berlin, as Nokia has traditionally been strong in these segments, and other big names have long since abandoned the classic cellphone market. They came with two headsets, the extremely basic Nokia 110, one that comes with a folding design and the new 2720, which will be delivered on the former Nokia 2720.


The Nokia 110 was captured in the shade shown above, giving the impression of a sleek, simple, easy-to-use phone. The list of specifications is difficult, as the number of features is quite finite, 120 x 160 pixels, the TFT screen is very simple and its size is huge, at only 1.77 inches. It has an FM radio, 4 MB of storage that can be expanded with microSD, can play music and has a QVGA-retained camera, which doesn't make much sense. The 880 mAh battery, due to its limited functionality, will lose the smallest thing that comes on the market for 8990 forints.


More serious than that is the fresh flip 2720 (full name), a reincarnation of the 2720 fold, a 10-year product, but the design features are inherited from the novelty. But with that in common, the display is 2.8 inches and QVGA resolution, and the external display is larger than before, now 240 x 240 pixels and 1.3 inches.


More importantly, the new 2720 comes with the Kai operating system, which is halfway between smartphones and classic cell phones, you can install it on, but the range of applications is narrow. In any case, Google Maps or Facebook are available, and there is also a 4G data connection, which can be shared if you use your device as a hotspot. The hardware is Snapdragon 205, Qualcomm's cheapest offering, running on 512 MB of RAM and comes with 4 GB of storage. The product is capable of recording 2 megapixels, has GPS, is removable and has a capacity of 1500 mAh. This device will also be available at a suggested price of $ 34,990.

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