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Hungarian Cup: Gardoni – Mall Fehervar – NSO

Gardoni – Mall Ferrevar match minute by minute: goals, situations, curiosity – follow the match with text message on Nemzeti Sport Online, then read the summary, comment, tell us your opinion about the match!

Evandro is also there in the starting team of Fehervar (Photo: Attila Trick)


Gardoni (NB III) – Mall Fehervar 0–2 (0–2)
Gardoni, 12.30 p.m.
(Television: M4 Sport). V: Dolnego Balint
Gardoni: Schenner – Mod, Ujwari, Koronci, Kirali B. – Konja, Rodenbicher – Sigmond, Balog Lj., Kerzo – Toth T. Head coach: Attila Olah
White Castle: Kovacik (Kovac D., 36.) – Fiola, Tot A., Rus, Zeke – Robben Pinto, Dinies – Papp M., Evandro, Geresi – Zivzivadze. Head coach: Gabor Marton
Goals: Evandro (26th), ivivzivadze (30th)







44th minute: KAPUFA! The ambush did not work on the guests, the King’s shot coming out on the left edge returned to the field from the left post of the goal.

40 MINUTES: After another corner, Feevarvar was threatened, after the administration of the Pope, Robben Pinto shot towards the goal.

According to M4 Sport, Kovacik’s knee ligament was not torn.

38. Minutes: A horse wrapped in 18 meters, it was a nice attempt, but did not pose a particular danger.

36. Minutes: Kovacik leaves the pitch due to applause, Daniel Kovac takes its place.

32. MIN: The blacksmiths walked away when he came out of his gate, desperately wanting to be replaced.

MINUTE 30: GOAL, THERE IS A SECOND! Once again, this time Pap gave a corner from the left, Get hurt disturbed by no one, he headed to the right corner (0–2).

29. MIN: The end of Fehervar’s energetic counter was combined with Pap, the defenders defended for a corner.

MINUTE 26: OBJECTIVE, THE WHITE WHITE WATERS! The fourth guest corner Evandrot found him, moving backwards to the left of the gate (0–1).

24. MIN: Tibor Toth started well, but Rousseau could not pass.

22. Minutes: Neither Sigismund and then Robben Pinto’s shot from the other side caused any alarm.

MINUTE 20: KIMARAD! Ivivzivadze defended, Schenner corrected his mistake to get to the bottom right and defended the weak shot.

Minute 19: eleven! Shener unnecessarily came out of his goal, ivivzivadze pushed him beside him, and already at the age of sixteen Konya fouled the striker.

MINUTE 11: GERESI! This time, Schener was not able to defend, but from the net he helped: Fehervar’s shot from 7 meters bounced in front of the goal line.

After a break due to juvenile middle ground, a dog ran into the field, leaving the ball satisfied after a narrow minute of respect.

9. Minutes: The first option and the first defense: Shener had to push ivivzivadze’s head down to the right.

He is a little more dizzy, but returns to the field in Brazil.

7. Minutes: Evandro stayed down, bombarding his head with the ball up close.

4. Minutes: Zeke beat the regime one on one, the pass was good for Gerezzi as well, but the guest striker looked out of the goal.

3 MINUTES: Gerezzi was hard behind the Pope’s right hand.

1 MINUTE: The defenders were saved by Pap at the last minute.

MINUTE 1: THE WATCH HAS BEGUN! Gardoni started the ball.

The home team will play in white and gray, the guests in blue and red.

The referee of the match: Dolnego Balint.

Within Gardoni, there are several players who have previously played for Vidi or been brought up in the Ferrari team: Bens Sigmond, Adam Ujwari, Christian Konya, Bens Chirali, Tibor Toth, Balash Balog and Adam Moda – the focus of attention. .ху.

12.30: Csácsbozsok-Nemesapáti SE (Zala I.) – Budapest Honved
12.30: Lipot Bakery SE (NB III) – Zalaegerzeg TE FC
12.30: Dabas-Onon (NB III) – Budafok MTE
12.30: Sentlirinch (NB II) – Puskas Football Academy
12.30: Gyöngyösi AK (NB III) –Mezőkövesd
12.30: Batasek SE (Tolna I.) – MTK Budapest
12.30: III. District (NB III) – Academy of Troubles in Szeged-Sisan (NB II)
12.30: Zambeck SK (Komarom-Estergom I.) – Talia KSE (NB III)
12.30: Zalaszentgrót VFC (Зала И.) – Тисафјуред VSE (НБ III)
12.30: Base VSE (NB III) –FC Ajka (NB II)
12.30: Kiskunfelegia (Bach-Kiskun I.)Dorogi FC (NB II)
12.30: Earth VSE (НБ III)Kazinbarbachika (NB II)
12.30: Kabai Meteorite SE (Heidi-Bihar I.) – Danube (Pests I.)
12.30: Salgotaryan BTC (NB III) – Peces MFC (NB II)
12.30: Taxons (NB III) –Kozármisleny (NB III)
12.30: Tarpa SC (Sabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg I.) – BTE Felsőzsolca (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén I.)
12.30: BVSC-Zugló (NB III) –Debrecen VSC (NB II)
12.30: Eger SE (NB III) – Vasas FC (NB II)
12.30: FC Nagykaniza (NB III) – Debrecen EAC (NB II)
12.30: Monor (NB III) –BFC Siófok (NB II)
12.30: GO-KI Sport (Pests I.) – FC Hommezavavasareli (NB III)
12.30: Soroksar (NB II) – ETO FC Gyor (NB II)
12.30: Gas factory ASR (BLSZ I.) – FC Kaposvar Rakoci (NB II)
Keckemet TE (NB III) – Kisvarda
16.00: Stallion (NB III) – Sombotian Progress (NB II)
16.00: Dunajvaros (NB III) – Jupest FC (Television: M4 Sport)
October 29
Niregiaza Spartacus (NB II) – Paxi FC (Television: M4 Sport)
16.00: Bekeskaba (NB II) – Diosgir VTK (Television: M4 Sport)
November 13.
14.30: Szolnok MZV FC (NB II) – Girmot FC Gyor (NB II)
November 14.
Bixkei TC (NB III) – Ferencvaros (Television: M4 Sport)

Gardoni qualified for Fuszyarmat, also NB III, while Fehervar placed first class for Tisafildvar in the county in the previous round.

We greet our dear readers a Gardoni – Mall Fehervar In the network coverage of the Hungarian Cup match. Soon start soon, stay tuned!

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