Sunday , June 20 2021

He rejected IB in the winning Hungarian right

Csaba Bartha, president of Győri Audi ETO KC, the first group in the women's Handball Champions League, spoke why in the third semester Sport TV did not have Bernadette Bodhi.

"At the end of the summer, after the last training match, Bernadette and Captain sat and discussed that Bernadette Bobbie did not travel to the European Championship," said Chaba Barta as The chairman did not want to explain the reasons, but added the right did not tell the diversity, simply skip this European Championship, and this is available to the national team next year.

Chaba Bartha spoke of the case with Yvette Broch, who was lying in the summer. The president confirmed that this season, the Dutch immigrant will certainly not enter the Gypsy team.

"Yvette also says he is aware that this is the best club in the world where he has the best preconditions in the world that he can not meet right now, not because he does not like it, but because he is not ready for it So we decided to have a longer pause, the right to option is still alive, and by May next year we will decide whether you want to play or not, "the manager of the club said and signaled that they could confirm, if possible, which could be deployed this season.

Opening Image: MTI / EPA / Philip Singer

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