Saturday , September 18 2021

H & M also displays plastic bags

H & M will also supply paper bags with sold products, but this should be bought by buyers.

From November 19, he will replace his previously processed plastic bags and used only paper bags for H & M in Hungarian stores – we read in the company's statement.

Paper bags are made of recycled materials and cost 40 forints, which H & M wants to encourage customers to use many bags already purchased or bring their own textile fabrics.

Half of the paper sacks, or 20 HUF for each piece sold, are designed to support WWF Hungary's activities regarding nature conservation.

Photo: AFP

As announced by H & M, the company has been working for many years to find the best way to recycle valuable and used clothing: a large amount of textile waste (luggage and towels) can be delivered to stores in garbage containers for which coupons are exchanged and can be used for the next purchase,

Slowly slams our eyes, but there is a solution

Basically, many can do the world with overwhelming plastic eyes, but they are not just responsible for it.

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