Saturday , October 16 2021

Drilled wells – Fidesz and the government also support the amendment of the law

Fidesz wants solutions for owners and homeowners to apply for drilling, as well as amendments to Parliament before Parliament, which is to be adopted in the first week of December.

Sándor Font, a parliamentary representative of a larger government party, said at a press conference in Budapest on Thursday that the extension of the deadline by two years to December 31, 2020 was supported by Fidesz and the government. He added that the amendment will have two years of tolerance for interested persons.

He also called on the legislator to clarify the procedural order, i.e. exactly what the owners of these wells should do by December 31, 2020. He indicated that the appropriate negotiations had begun. Sándor Font remarked: he understands and understands János Áder, the president's answers, and he can not ignore the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal, but above all he wants to bear in mind the interests of farmers and owners of drilled wells.

Their position in order to impose any fees on the application will not mean that the owners are announcing these wells and will not reach the original goal to find out how many such wells exist in Hungary. However, in order to protect the most sensitive water bases, this information is needed for further regulations, said a representative of the government.

He stressed that until there is a law explaining the rules of conduct, the owners have no obligation. It is expected that the procedural order will be determined during the next spring term, Sándor Font said.

On October 20, the Ministry of Agriculture informed MTI that it would submit to Parliament a request from the government to extend the grace period to 31 December in order to announce the drilled wells. According to the application, he is exempted from the fine for water management, which until 31 December 2020. It applies to a water facility that has been or may not be subject to groundwater abstraction, or has established or operates a permit other than a permit.

The extension of the grace period applies to wells that meet national and irrigated requirements in agriculture. Owners of legalized boreholes used in agriculture can apply for EU tenders for rural development.

Source: MTI

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