Sunday , October 24 2021

Do you know something about a lost thing?


Gy. Christians were murdered for Soroksron. As it was suspected, Sylwester ran after jogging, kidnapped him and then murdered him. Frfit took it in September because the DNA sample is the same as the high mint. His wife now says she has badly documented the sample and can not be used with bizarre Borsas.

Sylwester was made for an older gynecologist when he found out that his DNA pattern was the same as that of the Soroksri killer. His wife said he received all the official police records. He wanted it very much the DNS tag has almost no documentation. He says he has to follow strict rules because it can be the reason for Borsa.

Forrs: Bors / Fejr Blint

Residual material is removed from the hemogenetic specialist, and the extractor should be noted. If this is not the case, the DNA test result must be captured by testimony. I'm in a rabbit. As soon as he gets better, he goes out, but he does not speak "Lichy Jzsef, Sylwester said.

As we said before, Krisztina Gy & # 39; s started napping on September 25, 2013, but he never came home.

They were brutally murdered and murdered.

In September he managed to catch the murderer, New Year's Eve, who filed a lawsuit. Then the frfi were willing. Sylwester did not make a statement, but he did not complain about the suspect.

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