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A successful PSG test: Mol-Pick Szeged-Dabas 36-29 | Sports | Szeged

Mol-Pick Szeged – Dubasi KC ALL 36-29 (17-14)

Handball Tournament on K & H 24 round. Szeged, a new sports hall with 1800 spectators. Operated by: Földesi, Fisherman.
Mol-Pick Szeged: Sego – P. Rodriguez 7, Haber 2, Hennigman, Bhanidi 4, Kanela 5, Sigurmanson 4/2. replacement: Nagy M. (goalkeeper), Balogh 3, Zsitnyikov 6, Bodo, Blazevic 1, Bombats 2, Kasparek 1, SUNIACO 1. Leader: Juan Carlos Pastor.
Dabas: Pallag – Országh 1, S. Tokuda 5, judge 1, Szöllősi no. 3, Halász L. 2, Zakics 4/1. replacement: Bet (goalkeeper), Borsos 5, Lepseni 2, Perisic 4, Gariski, Kis A. 2. Trainer: Győző Tomori.
Seven meters: 2/2, respectively. 2/1.
exhibition: 4, respectively. 12 minutes.


Juan Carlos Pastor, coach of MOL-PIK Szeged: – A typical match after the BL meeting was little preparation for today. It is important that more people can relax, while those with fewer opportunities now have more to do. His results do not show, but Dabas is well formed together.

Richard Bodo, MOL-PIK Szeged player: – Congratulations to Dabas. It was clear that we were tired, but we had a 15 minute defense, great shot and we had a goalkeeper, so we could win.

Gioco Tomori, coach of Dabas: – We agreed with the difference before the match. Congratulations on Szeged for winning, there was no question about their success, but the difference. We gathered together and I'm glad. The two teams are doing a lot of work, we seriously realized the meeting. The meeting was perfectly fit in our fight, I hope and PIK.

Bets on Zacquis, player Dabas: – We can extract power from this game. Congratulations on Szeged for both points, we do not have to win these meetings, but, for example, Mezkowesd's controversy. We hope to be a handball player two weeks later. I believe that we have mastered something of a world class.


60 minutes: Zsytnyikov sixth, 36-29. Great Martin protects, the last attack on Szeged, they do not pay attention to the time, it's over.

59 minutes: in vain Kaspárek is a beauty salon for Gaber, Podoba. The ball remains in Szeged, and Sundako hides from the side corner. Bordos, 35-29.

58 minutes: Kiss in the bottom, 35-28. Garridzski pulls Gaber, two minutes.

57 minutes: Perisic's strike is protected by the Great Martin! The other young man, Sanjay from the left wing, 35-27.

56 minutes: Pedro, 33-26. Guaranteed goal of the match, from the edge to the night, behind him with the Swedish twist, Perisic, 33-27. Zmitnikov, 34-27.

55 minutes: Bombarder Port, Attila Kis, 32-26.

54 minutes: The referee shoots passively, Sega defends himself. A bomb on a empty gate, 32-24. Perishians sends Blazeviki, 32-25.

53 minutes: A bomber cuts it from the base, 31-24. Bordos stands for two minutes.

52 minutes: Zsytnyikov remains with Balázs Bureau, 30-24.

51 minutes: Tokuda has long talked about the game, now makes his right hand, 30-23. I peek into the side net.

50 minutes in play: From Bordos, 29-22. Gaber remains empty, 30-22.

49 minutes game, Ztitnikov's birthday – celebrating the twenty-ninth birthday – turns from a weedy shooter, 29-21. Lawns shoot from one destroyer like a left wing, read Sego.

48 minutes: guests are invited. Perishians float above Sego.

47 minutes: Sigurmanson is an empty goal, 27-21. Pedro gets, Blazevic hits the ball in the impoverished cage, 28-21.

46 minutes: Zakics receives an incorrect two-minute exhibition. Canalas rises above the defenders, 26-21.

45 minutes in play: passes from Bordos, Sego spreads.

44 minutes: Print the ball to Szeged, a quick attack, in vain, back to the guest, Pedro, 25-21.

43 minutes: Countryman and Bhanidi are fighting for several attacks, with the former being much more modestly physically exploited than the latter. Two minutes for the bass. Pledge moves the incentives.

42 minutes game, Pedro from the wind, 24-21. The Perisians shoot in a queue.

41 minutes: Dubas wants time. Rivers run away from the wind, 23-21.

40 minutes: In Balogh's Ziccer, Pallag wins against him. Another Sego Defense, Canellas Sells, Zakics Rush, Sego! Incredibly, they lose the ball from PICK to sporik. It's a very rude match so far.

39 minutes: Banhidi Bank is forgetting the defenders, 23-19. What a beautiful, beautiful, Szöllősi pulled the ball from the air, 23-20.

38 minutes: Bhandhidhi is struggling with Khalas, a goal and a two-minute reward from Szeged, 22-19. Dabas has reached seventy-two, and Blazevic and fans want to advertise. The maker of the game, Zacik's punishment is protected by Sego.

37 minutes: Oscars are also scattered by magistrates … Zakiti stabs two goals in double men, 21-19.

36 minutes: Cannons between hands, 21-17. Goals for Goals, Hawks, 21-18. Canellast is pulled, snap to the target, can continue. Gaber is irregular on the other side, two minutes.

35 minutes: The Earth goes further than Sego, 20-17.

34 minutes: PIK has an excellent pick-up for the benevolent guests, Pedro comes out from the right, Pallagh wins.

33 minutes: Canellas walks with a leg, 19-15. The answer comes immediately, Lepsényi, 19-16. A second arrow is already successful, 20-16.

32 minutes game, Moment Zsitnikov, 18-15. Left legs of Sego, but still the keeper saves it.

31 minutes: Szeged starts the second performance, Kasparek is shot from Palag. Ltd. against the wall without walls, 17-15.


30 minutes: From the hall Szöllősi, 17-14. They attack Szeged, they are not affected. half-time

29 minutes: The strike of Bordos for the purpose is stored in a box.

28 minutes: The bomber is empty. Dubas is long, Pedro comes from the wind, the gate.

27 minutes: baloghot with his rifle pulls Lepseni, seven and two minutes. Sigurmannsson belövi, 17-12.

26 minutes into the match, Borsos again remotely, Sego hit the target, Bodo falls into the throat, in the sixth, free-throw. Again, Sega!

25 minutes from the match: Bordos' self-esteem is in place, firing from 12 to 13 meters, the gate. Sigurmanson from left wing, 16-12.

24 minutes: The Perisians from the middle scored an excellent goal for Sego's network, 14-12. The third hit on Balogh is 15-12.

23 minutes: Szöllősi and Gaber cling to the wall, falling into the center of the roar. I probably got a little Slovenian player, he should be cherished. Well, but he has to get out of the track, Bhanidi replaces him. It was enriched with oval yellow card. Balogh, 14-11.

22 minutes: The referee blocks Blazevic, but he is on the sixth, free-throw. Bordos pulls the ball, Sega to the rabbit, 13-11. Domestic also requires time.

21 minutes: Perishas arrive in Dabas, immediately sees themselves with an open mind, 13-19. PICK, Lepsényi rush, 13-10.

20 minutes: Sego's defense keeps the ball at the guests and complains to him. On the other hand is missing too.

19 minutes: Haber, 13-8.

18 minutes: Gaber gets a ball, Sigurmannsson leads a quick attack alone, Szöllősi stops, free throws. The situation in Szeged disappears, then Szöllősi takes the lost ball and shoots it, 12-8.

17 minutes: After the breakup of Tamash Borsos 12-7. The death of Balogh is protected by Pallag.

16 minutes: Canela corrects its previous error, 12-6. Országh comes out of the bench, which is: Sego.

15 minutes: home of the players, Siegermansson has no good Cannelas ball. Tokuda against a broken wall against the right wing, 11-6.

14 minutes: Injury for the judge, his purpose is void. Bánhidi receives a clearance, 11-5. Dubas wants time.

13 minutes: Pedro is again a home goalkeeper, fourth in the game, 10-5.

12 minutes: they defend themselves well in Szeged, they do not find the gap on the guest's wall.

11. minute: Victory Bhanid, Sigurmanson sells seven, 9-5.

10 minutes: Fisher from the quarry to the bottom left, 8-5.

9 minutes: Hennigman receives a ball, Pedro starts, 8-4.

8 minutes: Tokuda passes from the right side of the bee, and then knocks Sego with a shot, 6-4. Pedro from the wind, 7-4.

7 minutes: The fishermen's defense is easily protected by Sego, Zitnikov will find him the second time, and then Zakis leads a big goal, 6-3.

6 minutes: This defeat, Pedro strikes all the way with a blow, 5-2.

5 minutes: Pedro completes the Chinese figure on the right side with his right hand, but distorts.

4 minutes: Tokuda stumbles, bounces before Sego, scores 3-2. Zsitnikov strikes, 4-2.

3 minutes: Bánhidi maad is emptied, 3-1.

2nd minute: Tokuta achieved a good goal, and then Kanela immediately responded, 2-1.

1st minute: Dabas starts the match, the referee falls, Seguo defends. Balogh hit the field and started with a 1-0.

17:59: the start of the match will be made by one of the sponsors of the Szeged club, Tibor Gajdos.

17:57: start the presentation, applaud the teams in this area.

17:50: dabas also has 15 names in the list. In the period from 2012 to 2014, there are Kekezoviti Marinko and the Hungarian national team, Sefer, Peter Palag, Szabolcs Szeloszhi and Tamas Borsos.

17:40: For now, 15 names are entered in Segedes, while the rest are Mirko Alilović, Mario Sastaric, Jorge Maceda and young Martin and Stefan Sundjakko. During the heat, Jonas Källman tried to get hold of and he'll be replaced by Stefán Sigurmannsson.

17:30: we welcome our readers from the sports hall in Newport. Half an hour later, PICK plays with Dabas in NB I.


The 14th draw from the history of the Champions League (33-33) was played by Moll-Pick Szeged's handball team against Danish Scottish Rakbold. On Monday, the loss of points was the main topic among fans. No one was burdened with the team, and many people claimed that the fight, the movement presented by the blues, was in any case commendable. Less than five returned to the competition, and the Hungarian champion took the lead, but he could not win the winning goal in his circle. Too bad, because he has all the chances for the team.

And another task now, at 18 o'clock, in the domestic environment, the team of Dabas will be greeted by the Pastor team in the new sports hall in Novi Sad. Pests are in the 10th place in the championship, they are defeated in the last three games. However, there are excellent handball players in their row, former Szeged Szabolcs Szöllősi, Ádám Országos Ádám or Silvas Tamash, who is known for his hardness, is also a good name in Hungarian handball.

He was Joan Kanelas and MOL-PIK Szeged. Today is Davis, on Saturday the French PSG is followed. Photo by Karnobka Tsbaba
He was Joan Kanelas and MOL-PIK Szeged. Today is Davis, on Saturday the French PSG is followed. Photo by Karnobka Tsbaba

More players can now be rested by Juan Carlos Pastor, as he is at the top of the prestigious VELUX EHF Champions League against French Paris on Saturday.

Today's champion will be reported by in a textual online report.

The state of the championship

1. Szeged 10 10 0 0 363 – 253 20
2. Tatabánya 10 7 1 2 267 – 237 15
3. Csurgó 9 7 1 1 245 – 219 15
4. Veszprem 8 6 0 2 263 – 190 12
5. Balatonfüred 10 6 0 4 262 – 254 12
6. Gyöngyös 10 5 1 4 269 – 272 11
7. Ferencváros 8 5 0 3 209 – 192 10
8. HOPS 9 4 1 4 237 – 261 9
9. Dubas 10 2 2 6 244 – 257 6
10. Cegléd 9 3 0 6 233 – 263 6
11. Budakalash 10 2 2 6 247 – 280 6
12. DVTK-Eger 9 2 1 6 235 – 277 5
13. Mezőkövesd 9 1 1 7 204 – 254 3
14. Vecsés 9 0 0 9 192 – 261 0

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