Wednesday , August 4 2021

Xihelai’s wizards fired the coach on the first day of training, and the head coach bragged instead: He will enter the country soon | NBA | DONGTV News

Wizards traded from the Rockets to Russell Westbrook. Many experts are optimistic about their outlook, but the specifics still depend on the degree of integration between Westbrook and the team. According to Wizards head coach Scott Brooks, Westbrook quickly got in shape.

Brooks told the media that Westbrook interrupted the coach’s command during training when he first joined the team.

“Westbrook told me, ‘Hey, move on a lot of the tactics he used in Thunder, and a lot of them are the same as before,'” Brooks said.

Westbrook’s tough style in the league and his temperament can sometimes cause problems. Generally, players who interrupt the coach’s command to express their opinion during training and games will be considered unpleasant. Of course, some stars are allowed to have such privileges.

Brooks revealed that this incident was not dissatisfied with the interruption of Westbrook’s training, on the contrary, he used this detail to praise Westbrook’s familiarity with the tactics and how quickly he integrated into the team.

Brooks was Thunder’s head coach, and worked with Westbrook for many years. Brooks also praised Westbrook’s fighting spirit, saying: “For Rus, you should never worry that he is not playing hard. I trained and told him: ‘Looks like you are playing a formal match. “He said coach, I do not like this league 58 firefighters. So, I know him, he does not hang out with other opponents, he is a very old school.”

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