Sunday , January 17 2021

The second member of the new group for girls of SM Entertainment, “aspa” is Joo imiminimin! The stage name “KARINA” is the same as the history of the conversations that announced the news in front of the Korean Star Network of KSD (KPOP)

SM Entertainment recently released the LOGO video for the new girl group “aespa”, and officially launched its debut promotion. This is also the first time SM Entertainment has launched a group for girls after Red Velvet in the last 6 years.

Today, the second member KARINA (Ryu imiminimin), a Korean, born in 2000, is positioned as the lead singer (Vocal) in the group and appeared in Taemin’s “I LOVE” MV. (Related content: This style is really a dream! SM Entertainment introduced the first member of the new girl group “ASPA” WINTER: born in 2001 and plays the lead dancer)

A few days ago, some network users revealed that Liu iminimin was suspected of complaining about the conversation: “EXO is no longer popular, NCT is not developing well,” “It looks like our company is going to die,” “Bulletproof is not looking good.” and so on. There was a heated discussion on the Internet. SM Entertainment also issued a statement: “The conversation records are fake and fabricated, which seriously tarnishes the reputation of the upcoming artist. Colleagues humiliated the artist. In order to protect the personality of the artist and the trainee, our company will charge Yanianyan for “Reputation and humiliation. The police station prosecuted.”

Today, in the review of “MY, CARINA”, published at the “World Forum for Cultural Industry in 2020”, 4 members were exposed. Li Xiuman also said: “Celebrities in the real world and clones in the virtual world communicate with each other in the middle world. “In order to communicate and grow, the combination will carry out a variety of activities through collaboration in the real and virtual world.”

(Photo: SM, Teku)

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