Tuesday , October 26 2021

Obsessed with death – Rain said: Du Xiaoyu – am730


Obsessed with the dead

It is amazing that Hong Kong's climate is unbalanced and has no bones, and it is customary to accept all of this without pride or arrogance. In such an environment, should everyone not be accustomed to lack of soul? Why are there so many people who are emotionally and persistently ill? Because no one is above you, so you have to keep yourself, a little proud person, you will feel strangled.

If the system here supports you in half of the sky and puts an emphasis on defending your needs, naturally you have enough room to be yourself and take a breath. Why is the sky here to fall on the top of your head, naturally you must use your strength to get up and then, what is the space? I want to fight what I need, but I can not fight for it, so more and more people in this country suffer from depression and emotional illnesses.

Suppose your other half is in trouble with you, or have an affair, do you think about how to kill an enemy every day, where you still have time to manage your relationship? However, in this situation there are only two ways: one is to immediately turn away from the stage and start a new life in the second place, the second is to stay behind, but to free yourself from obsessions, otherwise you will go crazy and you will not be able to return.

I have no choice but to learn how to let things out from under your control to find a breathing space. You can not breathe, the only thing that will die is you and you will not be aware because you are fighting to get out of control during strangulation, and you will lose both ends. Therefore, in terms of capacity control, we must, of course, follow our own opinions, but selfish behavior is still obsessed with the awareness that control can not come.

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