Tuesday , September 22 2020

Dohomark Again Questioned Which is the standard for mobile phone manufacturers? | Kooah


DxOMark This camera rating agency has made a name for itself in recent years. All major Android mobile phone manufacturers are keen to announce the DxO result at a press conference, indicating that their handsets are better than other competitors. it has a lot of impressions.

Recently, Dohomark has been openly questioned again. Robert Triggs, editor of the well-known technology website AndroidAuthority, recently issued a public statement: If mobile phone factories are relying more and more on a company's ratings, lens quality is problematic for the whole industry, especially when we realize that DxOMark not only used. When ranking mobile phone lenses.

In fact, DxOMark is not only a review agency known as "Justice" but also provides a number of development packages for its own standard stand-alone services. To collect service fees, manufacturers are advised to improve their photographic products. Open things up. But this is just DxO's own expertise in photography and not everyone's opinion. Therefore, this evaluation website will be subjectively biased. However, the DxO consulting business has attracted many manufacturers to come and learn from their standards. The reason is very simple. Because you have learned a set of standards provided by DxO, you can naturally get DxOMark's top position.

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The way DxO charges a fee will make users think that a smartphone or camera maker will get a high score when using DxOMark for product testing and using a camera hardware enhancement solution. However, this high rating can be said to be insignificant, as this "reported result score" is based on the criteria set by DxOMark, and everyone is willing to pay consulting fees and set up a company kit. Standards to make, and even buying a package of company design products, you can get a higher rating. Therefore, some big name mobile phone manufacturers are now relying on DxOMark ratings to confirm the value of mobile phones. In the end, can the consumer experience really be improved? Or is Daxomark's standard a public-purpose goal? All of these are worth thinking about.

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