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Buying a drop is easy to buy and raise | Blog post | Bus report


The Sino-American Trade War is in full swing. The US says it will decide whether to impose a 25 percent tariff for another $ 300 billion of Chinese goods during the Samsung period. The US-China trade talks were not re-opened, making people fear the G20 summit meeting in late June.

A friend said that there is a place combination of hand, but it's bleak for the market. He did not dare to protect himself from these relatively high-risk methods, but noted that he could buy some ETF funds that were opposite to HSI. One was the daily reversal of the southeastern Hang Seng Index (-1x). ) Product (7300), ask me something.

Of course, the main risk factor for the gloomy is good news from the Sino-US trade negotiations, such as the reopening of negotiations between China and the US, or the delay of $ 300 billion in Chinese goods. Tariffs. However, I believe that China and the United States have less chance of reaching an agreement in the short term so that in two or three months, however, it is generally soft, if the United States shares do not decrease, making Trump turn. Otherwise, it's easy to buy. It's hard to buy.

Few investors are not suitable for diversified derivatives due to relatively large risks. However, when it comes to protecting the stock portfolio that holds the hand, the everyday reverse (-1x) product of the South Donging Hang Seng Index is really an option. These funds are futures-based products, such as the futures index that cause daily performance with HII. The term refers to transaction costs and will become an expense of the fund.

Southeast Han Seng Index is a daily reverse (-1x) product 1 year pattern.

Southeast Han Seng Index is a daily reverse (-1x) product 1 year pattern.

Looking at the trend of this fund, it is generally reversed by the trend of the HSI. For example, in October last year, the Han Seng Index recorded a low of 24,540 points. The index of southeast Han Seng changed daily (-1x) at a high price of 6.2798 yuan. In April this year, HSI climbed to 30,280 points. The index changes daily (-1x) back to 5.0312 yuan. The Han Seng Index increased by 23.4% during this period, while the southeast Han Seng Index fell by 20% over the same period (-1x). It can be said that this fund is essentially synchronized with the HSI reverse trend, among which the difference of 3.4% is the compensation and the fund management fee to be a derivative. Therefore, the acquisition of this fund can be safeguarded from the risk of the Hang Seng index falls to a certain extent.

The South East Hang Seng Index is returning daily (-1x) at a price of 5.55 yuan. From the market it fell, it increased by about 10% from the low level. If HII has a chance to return to low level in October last year , it means the South. The Dongying Hang Seng index has a certain reversal potential for the daily reverse (-1x). Since the trend of this fund is generally in reverse synchronization with HSI, it's not a huge fund. If you look down on the HSI, but you do not want to see the goods, you can buy the fund in the short term and make a profit after a certain period of time. You can protect the risk of portfolio investments.

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