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Both sides of the strait enter a “quasi-military state”? Taiwan’s Office of State Affairs on the mainland reacted like this – Hong Kong Economic Times – China Channel – National Trends

Interstate relations continue to be strained, and the situation in the Taiwan Strait continues to heat up. Some Taiwanese scientists believe that both sides of the strait have entered a “quasi-war” state. Asked by reporters at a news conference today, a spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Hu Fenglian, once reviewed the information and asked the next question first. He later replied that Beijing’s will to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity was as strong as a rock and would never do so. Any form of separatist “Taiwan independence” activity leaves room.

At a regular news conference at Taiwan’s Office of State Affairs on the mainland, a reporter noted that an island scientist had recently cited eight pieces of evidence, saying “both sides of the strait have entered a quasi-war state.” Huu Fenglian quickly lowered her head and flipped through the information in her hand and paused in silence for up to 30 seconds during the meeting. Finally, she said, “Let’s ask the next question first, okay?”

After asking a question, Hu Fenglian answered the above question, saying that he had noted relevant reports and criticized the DPP authorities for their links to the separatist forces of “Taiwan’s independence” and stepping up efforts to provoke “independence” provocations. This is the root cause of the current complex and difficult situation across the Taiwan Strait.

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She reiterated that Beijing’s will to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity is solid as a rock and will never leave room for any form of separatist activities for “Taiwan independence”.

Asked if the People’s Liberation Army planned to take down Dongsha Island, she said she could not answer hypothetical questions, but was ready to reiterate her basic position, stressing her determination and ability to prevent any provocative acts of “independence”. of Taiwan ”and resolutely protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Protecting the overall interests of the Chinese nation and the basic interests of compatriots on both sides of the strait.

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In addition, in connection with US arms sales to Taiwan twice a week, Hu Fengliani condemned the United States for repeatedly violating the “one China” principle and the three Sino-US joint statements, sending false signals to the forces of “independence of China.” Taiwan “and strongly opposed this. She said the DPP authorities shamelessly threatened and provoked the continental army and they did not use their power. They have sought to align themselves with outside forces to “successfully seek independence by force” and increase tensions in the Taiwan Strait, which will only seriously disrupt peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and have serious consequences for the Taiwanese people. Disasters will eventually lead to a dead end.

As for some US think tanks seeking to strengthen “Taiwan-US relations”, she said that Taiwan was an inalienable part of China and that the issue of Taiwan was China’s internal affairs and no outside interference was allowed. We strongly oppose the development of official relations between the United States and the Taiwan region in China. All sectors of the United States should properly address the issue of Taiwan and refrain from sending false signals to the DPP authorities and the “Taiwan independence” forces. It is also alleged that the DPP authorities used money to buy think tanks, and that the argument for “tightening Taiwan” was invented and spread in vain.

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