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After the change of Taiqing, the battle at the Hu Dingxin station pushes Huang Zhiwen to a horse – Hong Kong Sina


Wireless ceremony awarding the "Millions of Stars", which will take place in the middle of next month, disappoints each year after the Royal Television Awards, but this year the wireless network will innovate and announce the cancellation of the "Star and TV Awards" in Singapore and Malaysia . And "Malaysia Starlight Awards Ceremony", but the vote abroad is still the same and intends to organize the first day of the show November 19, after the first day of the show, Taiqing will become a pre-war ceremony, and the climax will be repeated.

After the vocalist Chen Ding, Hu Dingxin and Dangdang Matou, Hu Dingxin was accused of pulling the team's cup in Xingma's promotion and it turned out that good performances were behind us. It was reported that the Ding Xin awards after two sessions were virtually ambiguous. The acquisition ticket only serves the support of Sister Huang Zhiwen, and he even prefers to give up the ticket and swear he will help the black horse Huang Zhiwen, after the company sends a ticket to Xingma, the sisters join hands to fight hot Chen! Queen Tongtong is the same as Taiping, can not the real system coexist?

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A sister with a row of chicken "single bachelor & # 39; s day" sent vacuum photos with good injuries to promote a new photo

After changing Taiqing, the Hu Dingxin outpost pushed Huang Zhiwen to take off

November 19, on the 51st anniversary of Taiwan's celebrations, in the slogan advertised "50 + 1" to restart, wireless has a new new meaning in the past, change Taiqing "Wan Qian Xinghui Awards" police war, announced the appeal "Star and TVB Awards" and "Malaysia Starlight Awards Ceremony" took place in Singapore and Malaysia, only artists could vote in the area and still voted the foreign audience, but the awards have been specially arranged in Taiqing Night, Star and Horse. After the vision of the emperor was born first, and whoever escapes from the emperor will certainly become the center of the whole night.

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

He was accused of not being in harmony with Hu, and Hu Dingxin recently participated in the 2019 Wireless Tour Program, and he was arrogant with the brothers, but when he was asked about the boy's story, Ding Xin prepared: "I am special." I went to Singapore, my brother went to Malaysia, and I was on the same day on the last day because I wanted to see everyone! "There is no communication in private, and people come to the real shadow to get a homework that is really purposeful!

Every plot

The "Wan Qian Xing Hui Ceremony" ceremony, which applies to the entire city, will take place on the 16th of the next month, according to information from the insiders: "The company destroyed three award ceremonies the same night, and Yi Jiazhong did not fully implement it. saying, I want to do more 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Having gained this year's view, Ali is moving to the "Wan Qian Xinghui Awards Ceremony" next month as a post-big prize, instead he is tense on the back of the star and wants to make a new drama "Killer", not going to a marathon, the pace is not as good as the local artists from the acquisition.

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

In addition to breaking up the reporter's film before the event, Hu Dingxin's activity in Chen 炜 is often based on one event and rarely communicates.

Chen Yu, Princess Taiping, bursting red

This year, when Princess Princess Taiping erupts with red, Hong Kong's popularity is hot to go to Xingma, and the Emperor of "Deep Palace" Hu Dingxin is fighting to kill you, the two stars give away, both are hot. Both were also named at the end of last month with a brigade that went to Star Marathon to promote, but this trip has a good sister Huang Zhiwen, Li Shizhen's peers Ding Xin, strong people and a strong momentum, the strength of weak Chen Hao, surface They were both publicly available without any distinction between you and me, in fact, in the private world, the Xinyi brothers were friends, and the Selfie of the Xinla team deliberately extinguished.

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

Photographed and won in the competition, Huang Zhiwen, who was taken to the throne, could also play with Hu Dingxin, Ma Guoming, Tang Shizhen and Wang Haoxin.
On the contrary, this year, "Deep Palace" acting to win the opening line, Chen Hao, can only be the first row of foreigners.

According to informed sources: "The drama" Deep Palace "explodes the red całkowicie 炜 ,, completely stealing the sun to set the reflector, but in fact, decreasing the force of attracting votes for themselves, the channel is essentially ambition, the channel wants to help Sister Huang Zhiwen, who knows that Zhiwen this year took a split role in "Three Women and One Case" and did a good job to exert a lot of pressure, the drama is very good and the reaction is bigger than in Hong Kong Ding Xin thinks that Zhiwen does not hit a good opportunity to think about the prizes of the other side .. To support the sisters with all their heart, Qu Ning would like to abandon the votes, secretly stated that everyone will vote for him and that he will vote for Zhiven. that before I leave, I will help my sister! "

When "Deep Palace" breaks in red, the older brother was chosen by the Internet as hot after the current session, but Hu Dingxin did not have the support of the brothers, but the other brother of Huang Zhiwen sister another drama "Three women one" "" Pulling the ticket, the smell of gunpowder is full!


Compared to the disappointing situation of discoloration of wind and clouds, the performance of male artists this year was not outstanding, and the drama Taiqing "Brothers" was released on Monday (12.) The best plan for the school was to make the man Wang Haoxin become organic next month. Then seal the emperor. According to informed sources: "Wireless intentionally changed the" big guy "on the first transmission in December, is the strength of Zhang Weijian who wants to dig a copy, always Wang Haoxin and TVB Zhong have a long-term relationship before the scandal engages in the image of aging, promised channel to get rid of the bottom, and wireless wants to push Haoxin, and then another city to win the prize! But I have to be surprised by the "brothers" after the transmission from the outside world!

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

Huang Zhiwen had a good sister, Hu Dingxin, and despised the scorn of hot Chen, and by chance both were organized to keep Cao Yongliana Xiao Zhengnana together, and the two did not have contact during filming.

排位 露 玄机

Already on Friday (November 2) appeared "Mobile Radio Route 2019" with the participation of mobilization of wireless stations and photo of a large photo. In the evening, more than 200 artists from all over Taiwan gathered at TV City, as always, Dahezhao's picture reflected the artist's favorite index in the company of the favorite Wang Haoxin in the middle of the program, there were two great things on both sides, Hu Dingxin's poetry was equally divided, but the most bizarre Huang Zhiwen, who did well this year, can be placed in the middle position in the Dahezhao picture, and after the same vision Hu Dingxin has only two body gaps, and on the other hand, Tian Ruini uses the same distance after a double vision, and this year's "Deep Palace" Taiping Princess organically named the Hu people after Chen Hao, although they were organized in the first row of enterprises, but they can go to the big foreign file, for the first time the battle was clearly divided!

Every year, the program's wireless route is positioned as a direct photo and directly reflects the artist's index, this year the accused in the Taiqing ceremony "Wan Qian Xinghui", Wang Zhuangxin from Emperor Zhuangzhuang, is halfway through the exhibition and is undoubtedly the most Bizarre, I'm afraid that Huang Zhiwen, who has not shown an outstanding performance this year, suddenly has a position in front of the first row, and the position is even more patted by Tian Ji Ni, really unbelievable!

Abandoned voice

Hu Dingxin was accused of avoiding Chen Yu's resignation from the "Forensic Pioneer IV" who had previously arrived at Star Marathon and pulled the Selfie team to board before the rumors were not as good as rumors! It turned out that Dingxin secretly helped sister Huang Zhiwen in the purchase of the ticket, and even preferred to give up the ticket to Gu Zhiwen.


Huang Zhiwen, who had a good picture in a good position, was very excited all night, and his mood was of course very embarrassing.

Next year, "Devil & # 39; s 2", Huang Zhiwen then acted as a heroine.


Hu Dingxin and Huang Zhiwen, Li Shizhen, Li Nuozhen, Yuan Weihao and Tan Junyan are happy Selfie and belong to Chen Hao.

Li Jiaxin rushed to shoot the new drama "Killer" in Taiwan and did not participate in the program, but she promised that the company would delay her wedding, and next month intends to get another big prize "Award Ceremony"!

Public first attack

In private, Chen Yufen, only in public, saw the joint propaganda of Hu Dingxin and Chen Yu for the first time, but what about the funeral? ! Apparently, sisters Huang Zhiwen and Li Shizhen are advertised in the white propaganda of Ding Xin, the point is that many relatives and sisters!

Have a strong momentum

There is a drama from Taiwan "Brothers" to give momentum, Wang Haoxin this year, organic 冧 Zhuang again closed the Emperor, in the "Wireless 2019 tour program" also has a freestanding position!

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