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Xiaomi TVs in Europe are coming to Greece as well

Xiaomi TVs in Europe are coming to Greece as well

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Following the launch of the Mi Note 10 yesterday, Xiaomi has shown its TVs that are expected to come to Europe. They are Mi TV 4S 55 ″, Mi TV 4S 43 ″ and Mi TV 4A 32 ″. Both the 55-inch model and the 43-inch model come with 4K HDR support and motion compensation technology for smooth frames. They come with a 4-core CPU Mediatek 6886 with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. space.

Xiaomi televisions

Televisions run Android 9 Pie and support Bluetooth Low Energy to connect a keyboard, mouse or even a wireless headset. The 4S 55 ″ has 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB at the back, while the 43 ″ has 1 USB less. They support Wi-Fi connection at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Of course, once they run Android TV, it will have access to all compatible applications, such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc. They also come with a remote control that has a dedicated digital assistant button, Google Assistant.

The cheapest of the three will be the 32-inch Mi TV 4A and will have a resolution of 1366 × 768. It integrates a quad-core CPU with 4 Cortex-A53s and 1 GB of RAM. It will also be Android TV.Xiaomi televisions

Their prices will be as follows:

  • Mi TV 4S 55 ″ – € 449
  • Mi TV 4S 43 ″ – € 349
  • Mi TV 4A 32 ″ – € 179

Pre-orders will start on November 25 and will be in stores in December.

Xiaomi televisions

Availability in Greece

According to a statement by a spokeswoman Xiaomi's Greek delegation, televisions will also come to Greece soon. We do not know yet whether it will be in December or the beginning of the new year.

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