Over the last two years, there have been several reports linking Xiaomi with the automotive industry. However, the most likely scenario suggests that Xiaomi will not be directly involved in the automotive industry, but will work with existing companies in this field. The supremacy of "smart" cars has forced many car makers to cooperate with technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence, combining cars with other sectors. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with better experiences. According to the latest news, XiaoAi, Xiaomi's digital voice assistant, will soon be in the car.


Today, Xiaomi Group has signed a strategic agreement with FAW Car Co., Ltd. Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Platform, was present at this event. According to the official introduction, Xiaomi will now cooperate with FAW in deep cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence, intelligent devices and the Internet of Things.

XiaoAi will strengthen "smart" cars and provide users with a better and smarter ride. For now, Xiao Ai has gained popularity in both Xiaomi mobile phones and IoT devices. This cooperation with car manufacturers will further expand the application areas of XiaoAi.