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Wild Bees: Droso falls in love with Nikiforos (photos)

Wild Bees: Nikiforos is determined to marry Asimina and in order to be with her he puts them all together, but at the same time, Droso begins to fall in love with him.

The village is informed by the ministry's circular that their area was chosen for the creation of an industrial zone and is divided, with some residents opposing the plan. Helen now understands that this is why Duke wanted her fields and a new bitter dispute ensues. At the same time, Nikiforos confronts Myrsini for the first time, while Doukas exploits the love of his son and Asimina to make a proposal to Eleni to end their confrontation.

At the same time, Lambros stands by Helen's side on the subject of the fields and everything shows that their questioning never went away. Indeed, they are momentarily distracted by their feelings, but Helen knows they cannot be together. The next day, Doukas meets Cypriot in order to do everything and expel him from the village. But he tries to ally himself with him and convince him that he may find it useful.

Droso is fascinated by the words of a man who is forbidden to fall in love. This man who fascinates Droso is none other than Nikiforos.

The sequel to the pictures below …

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