Wednesday , June 23 2021

Vasiliad sent a letter to find the neo-Nazis of Cuba (picture) Football: Greece and Greece

It was shameful pictures. About 50 neo-Nazis in the USAA to raise the flag with the SS "Black Sun", but also to light a Turkish flag!

What happened Sunday night at the Olympic Stadium was mobilized by Deputy Sports Minister George Vasiliadis, who sent a letter to the competent prosecutors (lawyer Simicoglou and Arieos Pagos, chief Dimitrios prosecutor), demanding the use of the entire photographic material so that he can Neo-Nazis find themselves.

To be sure, the Deputy Minister of Sport sent the entire audiovisual material, but there were also publications stating that "I inform you to do the right thing."

George Vasiliadis wants to provide in every way how to find about 50 neo-Nazis and will be punished.

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