Wednesday , October 27 2021

Trains return to and from the airport


Under the supervision of the Department of Transport – dissatisfaction of the management of the department when changing routes to the airport

The Ministry of Transport is dissatisfied with the STASA decision to modify the train routes serving the airport, demanding their restoration to the original plan, a mandate to be implemented by the management of the Company in the next few days.

From November 1, according to the STASA decision, there was a change in the metro lines to and from the airport, because they are now only between Douk's stations. Placentia and the airport instead of the whole airport 3 Ayia Marina, as it was the previous time.

Passengers departing from the airport must now move to the Douk station. Plakentia, from where the subway trains run to the airport at 00:25 and 00:55 hourly, while respectively metro passengers leaving the airport (departing at 00:00 and 00:30 every hour) disembark at the Douk station. Plakentias, where you can reach Agia Marina in a few minutes by tram.

It is worth noting in the controversial Duk. Placentia – Airport, passengers can also use suburban routes, but it is necessary to transfer to another docking station.

This STASA decision was justified as an attempt to rationalize the management of airport (and more expensive) trains.

However, according to the information, this decision was not approved by the ministry and even its management sent a letter to the STASA administration asking for explanation of the reasons for the change, if the latter received OASA's consent, why the Ministry of Transport did not comply with the required authorization procedure.

The letter ends with the STASA question to restore the movement of the line to the original project, which, according to sources close to the administration, should be implemented within a few days by STASY "in accordance with the Ministry's mandate for better public passenger service".

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