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Tragedy: Celebrity killer woman killed – Newsbomb – News

O perpetrator of the murder by Valerie Lundeen, "Jane" by "Tarzan" on the homonymous series of American television in the 1960s, fell dead by police fire who were called to the family home in Santa Barbara for a "domestic violence" incident, the Daily Mail reports.

The suspect, according to police, was armed and tried to avoid arrest, forcing the uniforms to open fire.

O Ron Ely, 81 years old, is a body, as reported by the police.

Note that so far it is not clear if Ron Ely was at home at that moment. Also, the relationship between Ron Ely, Valerie Lundeen and the suspect has not been confirmed.

Ron Ely and Valerie Lundeen had three children.

See in the gallery what Valerie Lundeen was:



Valerie Lundeen, a former Miss Florida and wife of television host Tarzan, Ron Ely, fell into her home from a gunfire.

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