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This is the plan for the migrant

The problem we are facing today is immigrant Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized, and not refugee, in relation to 2015, responding to Parliament's "Hour of the Prime Minister" in a timely question by MEP25 Chairman Yiannis Varoufakis, on "Abolition of camps" .

Most of those who enter Greece today have a profile of economic migrants and not refugees. Only 2% are Syrians, Mr. Mitsotakis.

Criticizing the SYRIZA government, the prime minister said that "border protection was zero", also referring to "a policy of hypocrisy against human suffering for party gain" and "a policy of inadequacy with images that shook us internationally in Eidomeni and Molea." He added that the previous government disagreed with the EU-Turkey agreement. In particular, however, it indicated that there was a need to update it. He stressed that Ankara also has the ability to control the flows and that Turkey should not show that it views the issue as a negotiating element.

The prime minister also stressed that "border controls are stepping up and the asylum process is speeding up" and that "the islands are organized and state responsibility is being discharged" without any reduction in human rights.

He noted that more than 20,000 asylum seekers are moving from the islands to the inland and also announced the closure of pre-departure centers.

As he said, the way of providing asylum is changing. A law will incorporate the EU directive and at the same time national policies, he explained. Mitsotakis, adding: It is envisaged that foreigners who do not comply with the transfer to other structures are then presumed not to wish for the special status and enter the return process. Those who are included in the directive and do not include post-traumatic stress will be considered vulnerable. A list of safe return countries and third countries will apply.

Those who are entitled to protection remain in the system and demonstrate proper cooperation. Children should go to school, but those who refuse to do so will have sanctions. It changes the status of NGOs with control, accountability and transparency to distinguish "wheat from the wheat".

He stressed that he would internationalize the issue by noting that it would require an overall EU approach and would put the issue at the forthcoming summit.

He pointed out, finally, that the migrant came to stay and that national unity and European solidarity were needed.

In detail Mr. Mitsotakis said:

1. At the initiative of the responsible Minister, a new rigorous and just asylum system for those who are entitled to it with full respect for the rights of applicants without the right to abuse and speedy procedures. For the first time, the country is adopting a law that governs international protection issues. A single text includes asylum guidelines and governs the process of examining and identifying applicants. Includes national initiatives that specify the framework. The decision to codify beyond obvious necessity has an obvious symbolism: for the first time the legislator takes the law industry seriously and has responded to those who are being cut for rights but have not taken care to consolidate them. We provide that imported aliens do not comply with their transfer to other structures presumably not entitled to protection. Those who do not comply with the rules will not enter the protection system.
No deduction in fundamental human rights but we abolish one of the four degrees of asylum. Appeals committees agree with decisions of first instance committees

After registration as long as the applicants remain systematic but do not comply with transfer decisions, applications are processed in a few days because it appears that their application is being processed knowing that they are not refugees merely to delay their transfer.
Those who are mentioned in the directive are vulnerable. Post-traumatic stress is eliminated as a vulnerability.
List of safe countries of origin in accordance with a practice followed by all European states. Personal representation of applicants at all stages of the process.
Only those who really want protection and are diligent remain in the system.

2. All structures, justice, ED cooperate with health and education system. All children must go to school. Within 2020 we will include 20,000 refugees in accommodation structures. Parents who do not send children to school will face sanctions. We change the status of NGOs with certified auditing and accountability to make the day stand out.

3. The country is being shielded at land borders with more observation points on the Evros border, while at the sea borders we are boosting our Ports by navigable forces and capacity building. Already in the Eastern Aegean an additional 23 patrols a day. Recruitment of 400 asylum staff and old cases to reduce by 60% roofs and refoulement to Turkey to reach 10mm by 2020. We place special emphasis on the relief of the islands. Aegean. More than 20 mm of asylum seekers will be transferred to 10 regions. The Ministry Interior in cooperation with Citizen Protection are developing a plan and we will ensure decent living conditions. The previous government disagreed with the designation of Turkey as a country of first asylum and prevented the return of those who had to return.

4. Bringing migration to an international dimension. I did it at the UN Summit and I will repeat it at the EU Summit. Migration is a national issue. A large number of immigrants come to other European countries and a comprehensive European plan is important. The other aspect of the international dimension concerns Turkey and compliance with the renewed agreement. Mr. Koumoutsakos has been in Turkey and we are pressing for the deal to be updated and for refunds inland. Turkey, as the joint statement stipulates, has to assume responsibility and has the ability to control flows in the Aegean.

Better border protection, faster and stricter asylum frameworks, diffusion and integration of migration burden into the territory and the emergence of an international issue. The issue did not come to go. Europe will be a magnet for Asia – Africa. The phenomenon will probably continue to intensify, which requires unity and seriousness in parliament. Greece has always been influenced by major European events but has succeeded because it knows how to manage and be on the winning side so it will do so now.

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