The new Android API will allow users to continue using the app even after it has been updated. The application update API is already tested by Google and Android partners for early access, and will soon be made available to all developers. The latter will have two different options from which you can choose. One is an interstitial update where the application user can not use the application until the update is completed.

The second option is a flexible update method that allows the user to continue using the application during the upgrade. The Android application developer blog says that "content flow" can be customized to work like part of the application (see photo accompanying the article). The Application Planning Interface (API) provides developers with all the tools necessary to create applications.

The Android Developers blog celebrates ten years since the launch of the most popular operating system in the world and includes the publication of the announced fold screen support. Google does not provide a specific date when the new API will be ready for use by developers in their Android apps.