Saturday , October 23 2021

Thessaloniki: City councilors do not want to sing Sabanis during a festive event


Controversies regarding the choice of George & # 39; Sabanisa for a concert after brightening the Christmas tree on December 29, at Aristotle Square, expressed opposition from local councilors.

City councilors George Avrilis and Alexandros Agios claimed that this is not appropriate for the aesthetics of events in the commune, the choice of a singer who sang a song like "Love re m @@@".

"I live in. Like people who value quality, they combine Christmas lighting with a band that the band's representative sang" Love me … "I did not expect that Mr. Barbounakis and Pegasos would listen to such songs. you find the one who made this song, this is what the cruel administration has done, which we have condemned, you are doing and I am surprised. ""said Mr. Avrilis – as a music note.

For his part, the deputy mayor of education and sport, Alexandros Barbounakis, stressed that this work was not interpreted by George & # 39; s Sabanisa, but he wrote the music.

"What's wrong with the artist George Sabanis is unfair: Athlete, Olympic champion who opened the Olympic Games in Athens, these in reference to ethics, you refer to a work that the performer and songwriter is different. It's wrong and it does not matter what you do . said Mr Barboukakis.

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