Tuesday , October 26 2021

These are the first two celebrities who participated in the game


The Survivor production is throwing … nets everywhere to close big names for the celebrity group. Already, according to our exclusive information, Joanna Tuni has finally said “yes”, while the second sounding name that has already shaken hands with the people in the production is Triantafilos.

The famous singer, after going through Just The 2 Of Us, made a big decision and this time said that he will be on the flight to Saint Dominic on December 18.

The presence of Triantaphyllos in Survivor will definitely make … a fuss, but Ayun Ilizali has already told the people in the production to make the big surprise, guessing two more, but much bigger names from the Showbiz space, which even if one accepts, will gave a huge boost to watching TV.

Since the contacts are still in the initial stage, we will return when there is something more specific … Let us repeat, however, the mission (players and production) will leave for Saint Dominic on December 18, the shooting will start two days later and the first episode of Survivor 4 will air on January 2 on SKAI TV.

Source: realityshows.dokari.gr

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