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The oldest football club in the world today – Newsbeast


From the Facebook page of Sheffield FC

The need to create football appeared simultaneously with the working need at the top of the Industrial Revolution to find creative work after their work to escape and relax from their everyday life. Indeed, the most popular sport in the world would be … pop "Hungry Forties" between 1840-50, when things did not look good for the working class of England, despite the fact that there was growth, but which still did not affect them.

This was followed by the "Fabulous Fifty", which began to look at working conquests as in their lives and were accompanied by chemical industrial development, electricity, and even more toys. Then the bourgeois need to break the routine became part of the culture for the lower social strata. Leisure time will also become an ingredient for the working class, which was sealed with the 1850 Factory Act. It was stated that Saturday afternoon would no longer be part of the working day, although this measure was not immediately implemented, but gradually.

This time it became a reason / reason to begin spreading the reputation of the sport that he had to correct at the time, not just the Island, but almost the whole planet. People who work hard in coal mines, yards and factories received a total of one and a half consecutive day off, so Saturday afternoon and Sunday were turned into "football days". It is no coincidence that even today most of the matches in England should start at 3:00 pm on Saturday (17:00 GMT).

The move that puts football in the "rails"

However, the way the sport is going is not yet fully understood. Football should be marked in such a way that it differs from other sports that played in England at that time. The first rules came to the Cambridge College in 1848, at a meeting attended by representatives of Ithon, Haro and Rugby colleges.

Nine years later, the first big break came. A remarkable date that will open a new page for football and put it on … rails that are still moving today. It was October 24, 1857, when Nathaniel Creswick and William Pearce founded Sheffield FC. (Sheffield FC). The first recognized football club on the planet, which has "Voula" and FIFA as the oldest football club on Earth. At the same time it is Britain's most recognized club in every form of sport.

That year the two founders of Sheffield established the rules of the game, now called the Sheffield Rules. At that time, the Football Association of England, also known as the Football Association (or simply the FA), which established unified rules for sport, had not yet been established, resulting in various forms football. Basically, every group at that time had its own rules. "Sheffield rules" are different from the current ones and they were based on Australian football, set up next year. The members of the club organized mutual fights, creating rival teams such as "Free" and "Married" or "Professionals" and "Others". Something like the tournaments currently organized between professional disciplines or in 5×5 or 7×7 and 8×8 lawns.

The oldest soccer derby in the world and the FA

In 1860, the neighboring team of Sheffield was founded by Holam F.K. (Halam FC). On December 26, 1860, the two teams played for the first time, and since then, what is considered the oldest local football derby in the world has since been created. He may not have the glory of Liverpool – Everton, Manchester United – Manchester City, Chelsea-Arsenal, or even other "battles" in the city between Sheffield United and Sheffield B Ventsen, but no one can win the title as he continues today.

By 1862, 15 clubs were formed in the region, which accepted the Sheffield Rule, and in 1867 they founded the football association Sheffield. Until then, Sheffield FC only struggled with groups from other regions.

At the same time, the efforts to unify the sporting rules that the world so loved in England reached the highest peak in 1863. It was October 26, when representatives of the club and college gathered in London's Tavern of the Freemasons, where they agreed to found a football association of England (Football Association) and to create regulations that regulate sports to this day, with any changes made over time. Then the notion of football was created because the sport is called in English. The word derives from the abbreviation of two words a social ceremony, which in Greek means "social ceremony". In addition, the football is a social phenomenon that has emerged through the evolution of society.

Also, in 1863, Sheffield FC became a member of the English Football Federation, but according to the opponent, he also used his own rules. An example example was the game on March 31, 1866, between mixed teams of Sheffield and London at Bates Park, where the FA regulations were used. However, the club continued to fight its own rules until 1878 …

The gap … on Thursday and the fall

In 1876, some team players wanted to join the Sheffield Challenge Cup. But the club decided not to compete in local competitions. So, the players who fought every Thursday in the local cup and named their Thursday Wanderers team, Thursday travelers. This parallel team fought for three seasons 1876-77 to 1878-79, with a trophy last year. The attempt to revive in the early 1880s did not follow.

Sheffield FC can boast that he was always the first, but he also introduced the first not so honest. This was about the first signs of decay in the sport. The fact that football started in England in a professional, although … primitive way since the distant 1885, led to an inability to compete with teams like Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Notts County, resulting in heavy defeats. At that time, the club's directors suggested to the Federation to create a special Amateur Cup, which was actually founded and conquered in 1904. This is the first cup in its history and the only national trophy it has won.

However, at the level of the Football League, as it was named from 1888 to 1892, the championship, and then as the First Division in the next hundred years, until 1992 turned into the Premier League, Sheffield FC never managed to play an active role. In fact, as headquarters, he used occasional stadiums in the area, including Bram Loun, now based in Sheffield United. That's why many people think that "knives" are the oldest football club in the world. However, the home of the team is the Donfield Stadium, which has a capacity of 1,500 spectators. However, people from the oldest soccer club in the world do not behave badly.

A few moments to boast, but optimism about the future

In 1949, Sheffield FC became a member of the Yorkshire League. Hence, the evaluation of the club's modern history dates back to the group's website. It remained there until 1982, when this category merged with the Midland League to create the Eastern League of the Northern States. Despite its "hard" name, it did not do much to the local championship in Yorkshire, just one title over the years, a humble B class award in the 1975-76 season.

By joining the new league he fought in the lowest classes. He won the double title of the A-class in 1988-89 and 1990-91, and from 1991 to 2007 he was in the top division, the Premier Division in the region. In 1194, the club won the Sheffield and Halamshire Senior Cup for the first time in its history. Something that will happen four more times in the coming years. In 2007, on the 150th anniversary of the club, it was supposed to be a historic year, as Sheffield FC finished second, the highest one ever achieved. Through the bargain he gave the second place he managed to promote in the A's category of the Northern Premier League.

In October of that year, the club organized a dinner for his 150th birthday, attended by the then President of the World Football Confederation (FIFA), Sep Blatter. Also, within the celebrations, a tournament was organized in which Inter and Ajax participated in "Bram Lyle", where Pele appeared as an honorary guest. The game against the Italian team ended with 5-2 for "unpredictable", but the most important was the presence of 18,741 fans on the platforms. The legendary Brazilian also presented a report in which the original manuscripts containing the regulations of the sport were first presented to the public.

Although all these years the club has never been able to play high, there is optimism that it will progress and start climbing into categories, with "fuel" being a very strongly branded name as the first football club on the planet. He assumes he will never reach Manchester United, Liverpool and the rest of the "big" of the island, during the full commercialization of the sport. But the 164-year history is a guarantee that it will always turn to this humble corner in Donfield a bit of the spotlight.

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